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Friday, June 05, 2009
Runes of Magic at E3

One of the next MMOs I'm going to play before the next big MMO comes is will probably be Runes of Magic. Although it is free to download, I already bought a $9.95 box with a DVD for easier installation, and a bunch of microtransaction goodies included. But as I'm still busy with Luminary, it might still be a while before I get around to this. So meanwhile How to Lose your Life to an MMORPG has complete Runes of Magic E3 coverage.

I find Runes of Magic interesting, because it deliberately copies a lot of World of Warcraft, but then adds to it with housing and dual classes, and uses a completely different business model. A lot of people are interested in such a "Free2Play WoW", and I hear the game is doing quite well.
Well, a few weeks ago, I was thinking of how to get back into the MMO world after a long break, and so far RoM fits the bill nicely.

For a F2P game, I am completely shocked at the qualtiy (good) and the content (good) - so much so, I'm thinking of supporting the cuase with a few RMT transactions.

Hope you enjoyed it, and even if you don't pay it - its a nice and easy MMO to past the time away with out the need to feel you have to log X amount of hours becuase your paying a monthly sub!

(and yes, the are the usual gold selling spammers, and freetards idiots you get on the WWW, just a sign of the times I guess)
Tobold, quick question; where did you buy this DVD? I would much rather buy it too, so appreciate any links
I think you're be reasonably happy with RoM. I've been playing for a few weeks, and the experience is very, very slick. Smooth engine, quick interface, chunky fights (you get a nice feeling of impact when your sword/spell hits, probably a combination of the sound effects and the graphics) and the dual-classing system makes for very interesting character builds.

I'm happier with it already than I was with WoW, although I must say I never made it to the endgame in either WoW or RoM.

RoM's item store makes a lot of sense, they only sell convenience items, nothing that would make your character immediately much better than any other character. This is in stark contrast to e.g. Free Realms where you can buy unbalanced equipment.

Tobold, quick question; where did you buy this DVD? I would much rather buy it too, so appreciate any links

Sorry, don't have a link. Picked it up in a store in Germany.
ROM should keep you happy for at least a week. I was deep into it when it was first released in the US.

After leveling up one character to level 10, you get the option of getting a 2nd class. This new class starts at level 1 but there's also a whole new area just built for leveling so no repeat questing.

The game is good and sucks you in from the start. Even crafting and gathering is pretty fun.

The downer is that I've stop playing it at about L25 Mage/L22 Priest. That's when the repetition of leveling kinna set in for me. Kind of how the mid 30's-50's in WOW was.
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