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Thursday, July 02, 2009
Aion beta EU authentication server down

So my Aion beta experience got off to a bad start, the authentication server for Aion Europe broke down, not that this is unheard of when a beta launches. The authentication server being down also means I can't log into the Aion beta forums. So how do I know what's going on? Aion has their CMs on Twitter. I'm usually not a big Twitter fan, and deleted my account there, but telling people over Twitter about tech problems when players can't get that information from the game or the forums is just brilliant.
To be expected, Didn't bother me too much - Just waited and eventually got in.

One word for Playing 1-10, wow.
Oh damn, Just noticed the faux pas there, thats wow as in amazing, not the other kind :P.
Just played straight from level 1 to 10 with my wife as Elyos. What a beautiful game; what great content. Very polished, fun, and pleasingly complex.
Lucky you can actually try and get in I've been trying to download the beta all week at 30k/sec (my cap is 20x that) and still is around 1.5gb away, so looks like I'll miss the entire thing ... not a good start in my books either.
Randomly, because I feel I ought to - it's worth noting that all Twitter is is unexpected little good ideas. I think people expect it to be one big good idea, but it's not. It's a random tool that lets people, e.g., arrange a protest, contact support, or ask if anyone needs beer, 'cause I'm headed to the store. I think once we get past the idea that it's nifty neat-o keen, and we need to have something to show off, we'll actually be getting somewhere.
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