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Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Aion third beta event

The most reliable way for a MMO blogger to get into betas remains a Fileplanet subscription. Having that, I finally managed to get a beta key for Aion, valid for the third beta "event" (period in which the beta is open), starting this Thursday. So I'll have a look at the game, which will help me to decide whether I want to pre-order it or not. I'll tell you what I think next week.

What I could do up to now is use the Aion beta key on my NCSoft account, and download and install the NCSoft Launcher and the Aion beta client. Starting the Aion beta client only gets me to the login screen, where obviously any login attempt fails right now. What worries me a bit is that I have no cursor on the login screen, so the quit button is unuseable, and I have to shoot down the program with the task manager to end it. Anyone else having mouse cursor problem with Aion and Vista 64?

A more amusing error is contained in the NCSoft Launcher. If you click the "Store" button, there is advertising for various NCSoft games, including one asking you to buy Tabula Rasa. :) NCSoft might want to clean up their launcher a bit. :)
I recently pre booked a copy of the game on Amazon uk. I cancelled it because I have recently moved and need to change address but they still sent me the beta key and I have the game installed ready for the next event.

I also tried to run and simply got an error message with giberish symbols on it. Fingers crossed it works. Dates for beta as advertised on amazon are:

Closed Beta Event #3 - July 2nd-July 6th (Order by Sunday the 28th of June to receive a code)

Closed Beta Event #4 - July 17th-July 20th (Order by Sunday the 12th of July to receive a code)

Closed Beta Event #5 - July 31st-August 3rd (Order by Sunday the 26th of July to receive a code)

Closed Beta Event #6 - August 14th-August 17th (Order by Sunday the 9th of August to receive a code)
The installer has problems. It downloads Aion in the background but doesn't tell you. I only found that out by the growing file left on my hard disk.

If the beta is down you get the error msg "Your account isn't accepted into the beta" or something like it. It will work though. Only then the mouse cursor vanishes.

Try when the beta starts. The game looks very good, clean interface, easy usable, some nice ideas, but the beta doesn't let me judge long term play value yet. I haven't seen large cities or auction houses, raids or instances yet. Time will tell.

I preordered it on Amazon and no beta key yet, strange stuff.
I'm pretty excited about trying this beta, my wife and I both got our beta keys so I hope to see you online in Aion this weekend Tobold!
I preordered from but did not get a beta key yet, although it was stated I get it 2 days in advance. No answer to maila neither :(.
I'm on 64 bit Vista and haven't had any problems yet.
64 bit Vista

Zero issues.

If you continue to have problems, then use the "scale" method.

Right click on the EXE and select properties. Go to the compatibility tab, and check "Do not scale..." and "Disable desktop composition"

Works everytime.
Im pretty pumped to see if I can handle my first asian MMO (or if it can handle me, the perennial rude wow tourist)

Looking forward to your impressions of it.
"If you click the "Store" button, there is advertising for various NCSoft games, including one asking you to buy Tabula Rasa. :) NCSoft might want to clean up their launcher a bit. :)"

YES! Now Chris, Syncaine and I can go to their blog and flame them for being inaccurate! :D
Glad to hear that you're finally goin to play Aion beta, Tobold. Even if you're going to dislike the game it will be far more interesting to read your firsthand impressions instead of your previous comments on YouTube videos or other players' posts.
Anyway, keep in mind that this weekend's beta event will still be limited to PvE content only. Next event will be all about Abyss PvP instead, which is the core aspect of Aion.
Have fun Tobold! Its a fun game. I find it the most polished beta experience I have been in, though that is to be expected since its out in Asia.

Remember, its not "revolutionary", its not going to change the way we play MMOs. But, its fun, with tight controls, great graphics and a lot of stuff to do, especially after level 25.

Have fun!
Even if you're going to dislike the game ...

Let me reply to that Adam Savage style:
There is a 5% chance of me instantly disliking Aion.
A 10% chance for me to declare Aion the next big thing and playing it for the next couple of years.
And an 85% chance for me to like it enough to buy it, but getting bored after a few months from this still having the same gameplay I've been doing for years already.

I don't hate Aion. I'm just not very enthusiastic about it. I see it is pretty, but for me that isn't much of a motivator.
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