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Saturday, July 04, 2009
Fallout 3 on Steam

I have an unopened box with the game Fallout 3 sitting on my shelf since it came out. For all I hear that is an excellent game, but I have too many other games to play, and not enough time, so I can't say from personal experience. Nevertheless I thought you might want to know that you can get Fallout 3 for half price on Steam this weekend. Nothing better to celebrate the 4th of July than battling in a postapocalyptic wasteland.
"I have an unopened box with the game Fallout 3 sitting on my shelf since it came out."


First I laughed, then I looked round at Mass Effect and felt guilty :) I do try to stop myself from buying games at full price when I know I'm not going to play them for a few months.
If it makes you feel less guilty, the unopened box of Mass Effect is standing on my shelf as well, right next to Fallout 3.

I think it is conditioning to do with experience from a time before buying older games online became feasible, where it was totally possible to "miss" a game, and hard to get hold of older games once they disappeared off the shelves.
I bought this off of Steam due to the price. It's very entertaining but also a bit overwhelming due to how open ended it is.

Also, Mass Effect is awesome. I still need to get around to Jade Empire though. -.-
The thing that impressed me the most was the 2K huge games pack...

Bioshock, Civ 3, Civ 4 with ALL expansions, Prey, and some random filler games for that cheap? Shame I have most of those because damn...
Thanks for the heads up, Caleb. Over 20 good (but sometimes older) games from 2K for 54 Euro is a deal I couldn't resist. Even if I already have half of those games.
MMOs are what you should be playing to kill time between games like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect :)
I would bump up Fallout 3 a bit on the priority list if I were you. ;) It's really a great game imo.
I really want to get this game since it's on sale, but I'm not sure if I'd like it. Is there a demo I can download to experience before spending money this weekend?
Heh I still have Jade Empire unopened...

I did play Mass Effect to almost the end though.
Sorry, no Fallout 3 demo available. The devs said because it is an open world they couldn't just "slice" a piece of it into a demo.
I would suggest that you dust off the copy and play it. As some one the was a huge fan of the first 2 I was blown away on how well they made the feel of the game. The downloadable content keeps getting better and one of the best things is you don't need to be an Expert on a FPS to play it.

Play, you'll enjoy it. It's one of last years best games and it does include some of your 'my perfect mmo' perks.
I've an unopened box of Warhammer Online sitting somewhere in my house....

I wonder when I'll start to play with it. But as I do play with WoW I don't think I'll open that box in the near future.
Well, both Mass Effect & Fallout 3 are games I can advise you to play. Especially Fallout 3.

Yes, it is a huge open world which can be a bit overwhelming. I had that happen in Oblivion: I had no idea what to do and quickly gave up. But there's a main quest you can easily follow. I just tried to follow the mainquest but stopped it for every side quest I found on my way. It was good to keep me busy for about 40 hours. And there are still a few parts on the map that I haven't visited. Plus the DLC... All in all, the best game I've played in 2008.

It did make me buy Fallout 1 & 2 which are standing on my shelves waiting to be played. Next to Oblivion which I want to give another go.

And the 2K package is very interesting indeed. Railroad tycoon, I remember having quite a bit of fun with the second edition. Civ 4 which I want to try out one day. Maybe try out prey or the X-Com games. The fact that I bought the freedomn fighters weekend deal a few weeks ago does make me a little mad as I hate to pay twice for the same game. Can't even give those away.
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