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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Thinking man's PS3 games?

I do not own a Playstation 3, or any other of the current generation of video game consoles. I still have a PS2 and a Game Cube from the previous generation, but mainly use the PS2 as DVD player nowadays. But the announcement from Sony that their new version of the PS3 would only cost 299 $=€ is of course an opportunity to think again whether buying a Playstation 3 would be worth it now.

Not just because of the price, but also because there are a lot more games available for the PS3 now than two years ago. But as I haven't watched that market much, I'm not so sure whether the existing PS3 games are a good fit to my gaming habits. When I last checked the PS3 games available, just after release of the console, there was a heavy emphasis on fast, twitchy, action games, with no turn-based games, or slower strategy titles and role-playing games in sight. Are there games like tactical RPGs on the PS3 now? Or more traditional role-playing games without twitchy combat?

If you have a Playstation 3, and knowing my preferences, what PS3 games would you recommend to me?
I have both a PS3 and 360, and I much prefer the latter for games. I mention this not because I what to make an arguement that you should get a 360, but only so you know that I don't play many games on my PS3 (I use it as a Blu Ray player mostly).

Of the few PS3 exclusive games I have, the one I think you would find most interest in would be:

I've been enjoying it, though I was distracted by other games and a redecoration project and need to return to it.
I'm pondering the same thing at the moment. The games that are selling me on the PS3 in particular are Little Big Planet and Flower. Final Fantasy would be a nice bonus.

I've also heard good things about Valkria Chronicles but not sure how available it is.
The first game that came to mind that fit the description was Valkyria Chronicles (PS3 only). For turn-based strat there is also Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution. This is actually pretty good game, with the gameplay more stream lined and the match length considerably shorter then what you get with the PC version.

One to look out for in October is Brutal Legend which will have RTS elements with action/adventure.

Anything else I can think of is also available on the PC...
No backwards compatiblity makes PS3 a hard sell for people that like tactical/strategy games. I still play PS1 games on my PS2.

Companies are still releasing RPG/SRPGs on PS2. If you want a fighting, racing, or FPS game with better gfx PS3 is fine. But since many of all SRPG lovers don't care for gfx as much as story and gameplay I can't really find a hard reason to pick up a PS3 yet.
That's 210 euros for a blu-ray player which can also play some games. Seems like a nice buy.

But of course, I expect them to use €1=$1 rate. At which point it's a "screw that".
One for the future would be Dust 514 ;-)
Yes, it's not what you asked for in terms of genre but I still think it's worth mentioning; Little Big Planet is an excellent and engaging game. I'm not even sure what genre I would put it in but it's a lot of fun and has a nice designer component to it as well.
Yes, Carra, that's what I meant by the shorthand of "299 $=€". The PS3 Slim will cost $299 in the US, and €299 in Europe, that is equivalent to $423 or 42% more at today's exchange rate. The British pay £249, which being equivalent to $410 is still far more expensive than the US, but slightly cheaper than the Euro zone.

If next you read some economic article complaining why the Europeans don't have as much consumer spending as the Americans, you'll have part of the answer: Lots of stuff is simply much cheaper in the US, which encourages consumption.
For $299 I'm gonna pick the PS3 over 360 now. Mostly because Heavy Rain looks so amazing.
I'll definitely also have to mention Valkyria Chronicles.
There's plenty of thinking to be had in that game. It's turn based with some aspects within each unit's turn that make your actions in real time important, but never approaching "twitchy".
It's not perfect, some parts of the cut scenes seem a little lengthy, and the menus could have been put together better for example, but I love the thought provoking gameplay, and that's the main thing you're doing really.
I thought I saw it in stores for a lower price now, something around $40 or so, but that's in the US, not sure if it's been lowered everywhere.
Very very few, at least from what I've seen while shopping for more games for the PS3 with my son. Everything he has is FPS or similar, with RPGs rarely to be found, much less turn based. In fact, the only RPG he has right now for it is the FF7 he downloaded to it for me to relive my earlier gaming days.
I'll definitely be picking one up at some point.

The Last Guardian looks phenomenal.
The US price excludes taxes… anyway.

My old gaming PC died last month and was replaced by a 360. No windows, no installation, no compatibility or driver issues, insert disc and play. Maybe less complex games, fewer titles, less impressive graphics. Fair tradeoff for me.

But complex RPGs aren't where the consoles shine… unless you really like the final fantasy series, or similiar grind-heavy JRPGs. There are some interesting titles, like valkyria chronicles, but no "must buy" console-only RPG. Most of the better console RPGs you can find on the PC (Fallout, Oblivion, Borderlands, Mass Effect)

Go buy a PS3 for flower and blu-ray or just wait for a couple of years… you won't miss anything important on the RPG-front.
I'm glad you asked this question, Tobold, because I too only started considering the PS3 an option when they announced the Slim $300 version.

Looking forward to Final Fantasy, but not sure if there are games that make the purchase worthwhile in the meantime. I know Dragon Age is coming to the console, and they get a lot of the multiplatform games, which will run better on the PS3 then on my PC.
I play my PS3 way more than my Wii or 360 (three red ringed, now i only buy the ps3 version of a game), and for RPG or turn based, Disgaea 3 and Cross Edge are awesome fun, imo. Little Big Planet is fun, and voiced by Steven Fry (bonus!). I haven't been able to pick up Valkyria yet, but i've heard nothing but good about it, and there is a demo you can download too on the ps3. Some of the downloadable games are surprisingly fun too, and most offer demos that you can play and get an idea.

I don't know about the slim, but the regular version allows the very, very, very easy way to upgrade your hard drive in it. I got a 500gb one cheap and popped it in there no problem. So many demos of games out that i pretty much download them all now and not even close to filling that sucker up. Plus i can pop videos on there either by copying to the hard drive or just using my mac as a media server.
"No backwards compatiblity"

When did this happen? Might be because my ps3 is one of the first gen ones, but i've played all ps2 games on mine. Hmm... that's disappointing.

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, the ps3 does a wonderful job upscaling DVDs. If you have a good tv, regular dvds look wonderful.
I agree that Valkyria Chronicles would be one thing to look at (though the ability to move one unit multiple times per turn spoils it).

Disgaea 3 could be another thing.
I love my PS3. Little Big Planet is just so darn cute and fun. Elder Scrolls will be the next game I purchase as many colleagues have it and want me to play with them. But the best reason for my PS3 will to be able to play Wolfenstein. Nothing beats shooting ghoulsih naxis on a 46 inch HD screen with surround sound. And plus I dont get neck pain as I do playing on my PC at my desk.
TFAngel -

The backwards compatibilty was removed around October or so of last year. Oddly enough, from what I read before we got my son one, the hardware needs of the PS2 appear to be physically still intact in the system, thus this represents a case where the software has an active block against it. This would make sense since the PS3 current version can play PS1 games without a hitch, but chokes on PS2 games.

The general opinion I see on the boards is that Sony blocked it because the PS2 is still selling pretty well, with games still churning out for it, and this way you now have to buy two platforms. We just have the PS2 and PS3 stacked on top of each other. Next to the SNES, Gamecube, and later this yer, the Wii. And then there's all the computers...
Actually the console with most tactical RPG's is the Nintendo DS. I got over 20 now in my collection and can't even tell which is best, thats how many there are.
I bought a PS3 and often refer to it as my "Metal Gear Solid 4 Machine" because that is almost exclusively what is played on it. Little Big Planet was also a fun game but still, that is only 2 games. When games are released for both the PS3 and 360 I much prefer to buy them for the 360 simply for the fact that there is a greater chance that I might be able to play online with someone I know because so many more people own a 360.
I suppose we look for different things in games though and I'm at the point where the JRPG is just about dead to me.
I heard that the PS3 slim would be missing features, anyone know what they are, having trouble finding a complete list, and a why it would matter if it's missing.
In all honestly I don't think there are many PS3 exclusives you would want to play. The most notable PS3 exclusives out right now are shooters, and racing games; the odd man out is littlebigplanet.

The library next year is looking much better but then again I personally wouldn't drop $300 into a system counting on games not out yet.

Not to mention that with so many games hitting the PC nowadays there really just aren't that many true exclusives left in my eyes to justify that $300. I certainly won't be buying a PS3 now because there are only a handful of games I want on it that I can't get on my PC or 360. I just can't justify spending $300 when I'm only going to get 3 or 4 games on it.
I'm kinda surprised that noone mentioned Disgaea 3. That would seem to be the kind of deep and crunchy tactical RPG that Tobold would like.
If you have a ps2, you are pretty good if you want to play strat and traditional RPGS-for some reason the next-gen platforms have suffered. Valkyria Chronicles, Folklore, Eternal Sonata, Bladestorm, Enchanted Arms, Cross Edge, and one of the Dynasty Warriors games on it are rpgs/strat games on PS3.

However you really should first pick up Persona 3 and Disgaea for the PS2, both of those should keep you busy and should be really inexpensive.
I have a ps3 and once you have updated it once it has backward compatability. Go out and buy one now
its reliable and has lots of good games.
its also a bargain
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