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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 accounts now with TWICE the downtime - for free!

In a previously undisclosed special offer, Blizzard decided to reward those players who merged their World of Warcraft account into a account with TWICE the downtime than before: If you are an European player with a account, you are now unable to log into World of Warcraft BOTH during US maintenance on Tuesday AND during Euro maintenance on Wednesday. Yes, you heard it right, TWICE the downtime for the same price! Fantastic!

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether the same offer is true in reverse, and US accounts will be unable to login during Euro maintenance.
I take my shots at Blizzard whenever I can, but if this is actually true even I'm a little speechless at the level of this stupidity...
The rare chance of seeing syncaine speechless persuades me to post the proof in the form of a link to a fast growing thread on the EU WoW forums.
Well that is crazy, it looks like it was how the account was created though so I would imagine most of us in the U.S. wouldn't have an issue because we didn't create our account as a EU account.
You know, if they add in Asia downtime as well (I assume it's also different), it would be like the good ol' days of WoW server availability.
While in theory it does sound like a bag of sucks, I never have issues with the downtime because it is always happening while I am asleep or at work. So current personal downtime of 0 hours X 2 because of the stupidity = (carry the one) ahh, yes, still equals zero for me.
Lmao @ This situation.

They tried blaming us at first, too.

Tut Tut.
This is just another winner of the MMO-Company-doesn't-think-everything-all-the-way-through category. SOE does it all the time.

It's pretty obvious to me that they are still wrestling with how that is all going to work.

On the plus side, they did sell me a handful of Blizzard Authenticators to help with the stupid change over to logins.
OH, there back up!

God I love those epic forum threads, it makes any game issues so much more bearable.
Did they give a reason for that? Because there are few things I ever call "stupid decisions," but this one doesn't make any kind of logical sense.
So they are not able to play wow twice a week. "Oh noes!!!!" Find something else to do in that time period. And if you are the unlucky duck that can only play during those double downtimes then you have a problem.

Here's a solution: Take your gaming elsewhere.


Play something else.

I'm sure with Blizzard will either fix the problem or there was a strategic reason for it. And if it's the latter then the smart thing to do is lobby together and make a formal complaint. That is what works in the business world, sometimes.

The pure and simple response is closing your account and moving on. A lot of people don't want to do that due to the time invested in said character of either game. But they won't, Blizzard knows this, and sadly every company has been known to exploit's it's customers.

And if the public wants someone to blame for the corporate snafu-ery then go find a mirror. It was our money that made this monster.

What's your solutions?
Everyone knows that you people across the ocean do not really count as "Customers".

Heck I am surprised that you even have your own servers.

Of course the servers are back up, Kromus. Blizzard checked their Blog feed and realized Tobold was onto them ;)
I merged mine months ago when it first became available in the EU and this is the first time I've had problems during EU maintenance. As far as I know my Battlenet account is at the EU site (at least, I can log in there) so I suspect there's something else going on too. I could log into WoW, I just wasn't able to get onto a server. Once I picked my server off the list I got disconnected.

As usual, the most frustrating thing is the lack of information from Blues *sigh*
I've been logged on for several hours this evening, and not had any downtime at all. Perhaps because I merged my account a while back, but no issues here. Conversely, I couldn't originally add my Starcraft CD key to it, due to localisation issues (as I recall), so it doesn't surprise me there are a couple of bugs.

I do enjoy the huge quantity of QQ and misinformation going on about this change. Incidentally, accepts email addresses of the form, so even if your email is known, the distinguisher is not and still goes to (or should be, I've not hugely tested it).
It doesn't work like this in reverse. I've had a account for a few months.

Not sure why this all of a sudden happen. If you read the thread you'll see.

"Meh, I merged my account a few months ago and haven't had this trouble before."

So it's a fluke. Server problems happen. I think even Gmail has gone down before...OH NO!
Is this an ongoing multiple downtime period, or a once off for this week?
...and then people on WoWInsider still as: "What? You haven't merged your account with a Battlenet one yet?! Why not? Are you wearing a tinfoil hat or something?!"

I haven't merged it because it seems like those who have merged end up being rewarded not only with a free penguin, but the inability to play the game far more often than those who haven't.
I merged yesterday and i was able to play ok on EU servers, so i guess it was a temporary failure. Giving global authentication on the scale bliz does must be a great technical challenge thou, i think they're doing quite ok.
I did the battlenet merge in the Summer, and last night was the first time I had issues with logging in
I switched last night. No extra downtime but definitely more lag. Are they continuously checking authentication now to increase security?

Also a bit off-putting was the Korean language warning on the site. Gosh, I hope it wasn't a fraud site!!
Uhmm, I have no idea what y'all are talking about. I have a EU Battle.Net/WoW account and I just added a US account to it this week, and I played fine during maintenance.
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