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Sunday, November 29, 2009
Are you a pilgrim?

So the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday event in World of Warcraft is over, and yet again I only did half of the achievements which would have resulted in completing the big holiday event achievement, and get the "Pilgrim" title and turkey pet. After over a year of holiday achievements, I still haven't "achieved" a single of those titles. I'm simply not interested enough in them, not even with the promise of a super-fast epic flying mount after doing a whole year's worth of them.

It is not that I don't participate in holiday events. I do. I have a look at all the possible activities, do the quests, do the things that appear to be fun, try things out, and inevitably get a couple of the achievements without really pursueing them. But when I look at what would be needed to get the holiday title, their are always some activities involved which I don't really feel like doing. Usually I don't do the PvP parts, and anything which is just grindy with no effect except for the achievement.

So how about you? Did you get the pilgrim title in this holiday event? Do you regularly go hunting for those holiday event titles? Do you already have a violet proto-drake mount from all those achievements?
I love the pvp part of the holiday achievements, they're usually the ones I do first. But as a rogue going to enemy cities and infiltrating them is kinda what I do so I could understand other classes being frustrated by them.
I wasn't especially interested in finishing all of the holiday achievements until recently when I realized that I've got a majority of them already done. I suppose I'll make the extra effort to get the rest of them now.
I have been chasing achievements for a while now, and I have gathered over 7000 points. As a druid, I don't get to show off my violet proto drake much, but I do get the extra speed :).
But, to be completely honest, a lot of the holiday achievements have been painfully grindy and boring. That's why I haven't completed the Pligrim one - I have gotten the drake, and when I started on the Pilgrim achievements I felt like crying from sheer boredom.
I think I will take a break from WoW now :)
I was pretty commited to getting them all until i unsubbed just before easter. Having just come back I've obviously missed out on alot of them and just can't be bothered. Druid flight form will always be better anyways with its instant cast.
I played WoW more in this last week than I have for about a month or so. I did two and a half levels on my hunter, trying to get to 68 to leave the awful, tedious Burning Crusade nonsense.

I didn't bother doing any of the Pilgrim holiday stuff. I don't want to mess up any of my characters' progress in Cooking by artificially rushing through it. I see that as taking content I enjoy away. Searching for the ingredients and progressing slowly over a long time is fun; getting it handed to me on a plate isn't.

I wouldn't mind having the dressing-up clothes, but WoW has such a major storage issue that it simply isn't possible to collect this kind of fun stuff the way it would be in many other games. The extreme lack of viable storage options in WoW is one of the prime reasons I am on the verge of cancelling my sub (that and the dire BC content). What's the point of giving all these great Appearance rewards if there's nowhere to keep them?

As for the titles and Achievements, I didn't get the trainspotter gene so there's nothing there to concern me.
First Holiday event I've ever completed, usually miss out the dungeon achievement but as it was easy to solo I thought I'd put the effort in.

I agree with Ladron, life is much easier when you are a rogue :)
I used to do most of the holiday stuff before there were achievements to go with them. I also skip most PvP parts, but as a rogue, sneaking into cities isn't so bad. "the Pilgrim" is the first event title I've gotten, actually. Maybe I'll finish some more of them next year. I wonder how Cataclysm will change them?
Disappointed here Tobold. When I read the title I was looking forward to reading a thought provoking post linking mmorpg playing to spirituality and philosophy.
Didn't even touch it. I'm so burned out on holidays after finishing Long Strange Trip for my violet drake. :-)
Pilgrim was a fairly easy one to get imo, basically only 2 days worth of dailies (which were incredibly simple if you knew to stock up on the foods as you flew around).

I'll do the holiday achievements if they only take a day or so (and don't involve battlegrounds). I'm not aiming for the mount (it's ugly and i already have a 310%), i won't complain if i happen to get it though.
Normally I don't care too much about the holiday achievements either, do some quests and the fun part like you Tobold. Two exceptions:

Brewmaster because I am a dwarf.

Pilgrim because as a dwarven rogue I was involved in it the minute I logged in last week. At times I couldn't go 20 feet without being transformed into a turkey. So I looked at the requirements and they were quite easy so I just did it, the only "grindy" part was killing 40 turkeys in a row.
I am in the same boat as Tobold. I tend to do achievements that are easy to do and give something useful like rep. But generally I lose interest after a couple of days. I don't think I have ever completed a single PvP achievement.
I look at the achievement list and just do the activities that seem fun. I didn't visit the tables in all four Horde cities, nor did abuse any rogues. I did partake in the easy cooking-leveling on three characters, and got the Turkey Caller on the same three. That was fun. I only had one bare patch of no turkeys in Tirisfal, and lost 15 kills before getting back to 40.
During Halloween I sold many wand-morph charges, and didn't ask for any myself. I did visit as many candy buckets as possible, though, for the gold, XP, and 3% HP/mana recharge (mmm, candy).

The only title I am interested in is The Explorer. Not sure if I get there before un-subbing for December, though.
This is the first event i bothered to do everything on, really just a whim.

Someone started up a world raid to kill all the horde kings in each city so I went along for that achievement and mount, plus sat at the tables outside each city for the Pilgrim event.. which was a double bonus. Then went and finished the last part in Sethek Halls to kill the boss and got the turkey pet. The other achievements were all easy as a lvl 80 binded to Dalaran.
I usually don't bother doing many of the holiday achievements. I also feel like the newer holiday events aren't as cool as the more oldschool ones (Winter Veil and Hallow's End come to mind).
Yeah I got the Pilgrim title on one character. To be honest it's probably the easiest holiday achievement to date. I couldn't be bothered to repeat the exercise tho hehe.
I did get Pilgrim, on two of my characters. I've been playing most of my time on three of my toons, but I got the "What a Long Strange Trip it's been" meta achievement on him, and I'm actually in the process of retiring him and making my Paladin my main, so I didn't even bother doing the Pilgrim event on him. Paladin and Druid have the title though.

I generally find I like doing achievements, though I do find after a period that I get kind of burned out of them and will stop doing them for a bit. I try not to miss the world events though, because you can get the mount through them eventually, plus pets and sometimes other funny items. And I'm a pet and mount collector.

Most of the world events are not that hard to complete, though there are a small number of individual achievements for a couple of the world events that I think are too reliant on RNG (hello Sinister squashling and Hallowed Helm for instance), but the rest are all fairly easy to get.
I haven't played WoW for a long time and there were no achievements when I did, but... I do have achievements on the XBox games and I only ever get them by accident. I usually won't go out of my way to get achievements just because, so I suppose in WoW it would have been the same. I'd set my own goals independent of achievements.
I got the Proto-Drake and deliberately have not been back to any holiday content in WoW. I have much more fun in EQ2's world events, which aren't designed to see how much achiever timesink they can pack into a week.
Fortunately for you, Tobold, being a pilgrim isn't required for "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been."
I'm a pilligrim on my main and my former main, aka my first wow character. I didn't do it for the title or the mount though :) being a pet collector, I just couldn't pass up the self roasting turkey it awards. could care less about the title and out of holiday titles I only have hallowed on a few characters (something i more or less got by accident as I did trick or treating for easy leveling at the time) and Elder for my shaman becasue I thought it sounded nice.

I just don't have enough patience and motivation to actually complete a meta achievement and I prefer other titles for my alts.
My paladin is a pilgrim. I enjoyed finding ways to go city to city and figure out he ideal way to get the dailies and mats. My DK alt did it too, at first for the cooking, but then because I was already halfway there and I'd never before had to do much sneaking around Horde cities. I cheered at the orc rogue after I finally tracked him down in a laggy Dalaran.
I've done all the holiday achievements thus far including the Pilgrim's holiday.

Part of the motivation are the meta awards like the titles ("Noble" was very appropriate for my character) or the mounts/pets. I love collecting pets/mounts and the holidays are another means to do that.

Even though I was frustrated initially by some of the achievements, I found myself appreciating them for reintroducing me to aspects of the game I had neglected. I rarely do Battlegrounds or engage in world PvP but as part of several of the holiday achievements I gave them a try. To my surprise, I enjoyed myself a lot. The holiday achievements motivated me to expand my horizons. As a result, the World of Warcraft is a much bigger place for me.
Got the Pilgrim title on all three of my level 80 characters. Don't ask how much I raided in the past week, but it's no mystery why I had the time to do this stuff.
This is the only one I fully completed, partly because there was no PvP as part of it, and partly because I just happened to be online when someone else wanted to do Ikiss - I have soloed it before as far as the first boss (to try for the key to the locked Auch instance) but fell over quite quickly at that point, so never bothered going back.

It is funny lighting a fire and summoning the turkey - call me sad, but I must have spent a good few minutes summoning and resummoning my turkey!
I completed it in the first 2 days

This was the easiest holiday meta so far. I wouldn't usually engage in these if there wasn't a promise of some reward, in this case a new pet.

I've also decided to attempt completing all the achievements in order to get that 310% drake since as a solo player I won't have access to a 310% mount either from raiding or from PvP.
This is the first holiday achevement I have completed. Like you I don't much care for pvp, but this one had very little. It was run to a spot outside 3 cities and sit in a chair. 2 of them dint even pvp mark you. The last one was harder, you have to be pvp marked for about 20 seconds and navigate a little inside undercity. It is ok if you can get a few others to help out.

The killing turkeys fast part was far far harder.
Yep, did the pilgrim thing. Probably the most fun part of it was the rogue feathering, such as hearing rogues /y complaining in dalaran, or the five or six level-ones that had been ported there and lined up (with names like belfrogue, gnomerogue etc), or that one, last, human rogue I found questing outside northshire abbey. Poor guy probably didn't know what hit him. Neither the turkey or the title really interested me though, it was more just to say to myself 'hey, I can do this.'

The only other holiday achievement I completed was at the lunar festival in February. Having played since 2005, and being older than everyone else in my guild, somehow I just had to have that Elder title.
I'm not a pilgrim. Sometimes I do holiday achievements, sometimes I don't. Two reasons why I am not going for the holidays meta achievement:
1. I did not find all of the holiday stuff fun before achievements, some of it seemed like much work for little fun then - I try not to do something I would otherwise not like to do because of the achievements (it's not that I don't think gathering achievements is a valid playstyle, it's just not for me in this case)

2. Some of the holiday stuff I have done before, and still no credits for it when the achievement system arrived - this put me a bit off them.

I still have done a couple complete holidays achievementwise though, to get titles I liked for a character - like my slightly snobbish priest becoming "the Noble".
I did all the pilgrim achievements and have all seasonal achievements EXCEPT Midsummer and Brewfest! (I was on a break during those months).

Now I will have to wait 6-9 months to finish all those achievements to get the drake.
I also generally balk at completing the holiday achievements because of the PVP parts. I put off getting the Pilgrim title until the last day because I did not want to do the PVP achievement of sitting at a table in each of the other faction's cities. I finally tried it on Saturday and it was a breeze! No one even bothered me at any of the four cities. I ended up going back and doing it for one of my alts also.
Two Pilgrams. Almost three, but I got dumb and deleted the hat and pilgram outfit on my Warlock BEFORE doing Sethekk... and it was the last day of the event.

I've always enjoyed the holiday events (case in point - I got the Achievement this year for getting all three of the Shattrath Orphan pets), and Achievements just give me something else to do.

In fact, since I have all the Hilday stuff done on my Paladin, I'm trying to decide which of my alts will get the titles - and ultimately the mount - next year.
Hi Tobold,

Not a Pilgrim. Did all the quests but those one of the rogues. Having to do the quest many times gets boring. I prefer doing lots of differents things then keeping dong the same thing every time.

I did the meta-achievement on my five level 80 characters. It wasn't hard. The most tedious parts were running to the horde cities to get to those tables (Mulgore, how I hate going there), and the Turkinator achievement early in the week (when everyone was killing the things).

I just have the violet protodrake on one character. I'll be getting it for others by next year, though. It's a lot nicer than I expected it to be.
It was something the wife and I could accomplish on our own, so we did. We're now Pilgrims.

We also did enough of the Brewfest activities to get the Beer of the Month Club. Should we ever get to meet Corian Direbrew, and help slay him, we'll be Brewmasters.

My Druid, at level 40-something, captured all the enemy city flames on his own. He was required to be 60 to turn in the quest to acquire the gear. A year later he did, got the piece, and then with a threesome went into the Steamvaults and slew the holiday boss. Another title.

If I can do it easily enough, and more importantly with the wife, I'll do so. If it requires a raiding guild, forget about it.
Did some achievements fully, skipped others, since I already have a 310% flyer.

but chasing the rogues for Pilgrim was incredibly frustrating, luckily i just chatted with friends on the phone while waiting for orc and troll rogue to show up in dalaran :p
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