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Friday, December 11, 2009
Ranting about patch 3.3 thread

Overall I find patch 3.3 great, maybe even the best Blizzard ever did. Which doesn't mean there aren't some small annoyances caused by bugs, changes, or just collateral damage. As it is good to get these things of your chest by ranting about them, I'm offering you all this thread to tell us what annoys you about patch 3.3. I'll start:I already mentioned auctioneer not working any more when tabbed out in the previous thread. So how about you? Everything running perfectly fine, or are there changes that annoy you?

[EDIT: The camera issue can in fact be fixed with a dropdown menu in the interface / camera options. And QuestGuru is available as version 2.0 on WoWUI, and is compatible with patch 3.3 there. Thanks to the readers who helped with advice!]
You can download an updated QuestGuru from here:

He was having problems getting Curse to show the updated version.

I agree that this is one of the best patches for me purely because of the new LFG system. As a tank, I'm getting in the random dungeons instantly and I'm really happy with the system. They need to add a way to look for raid groups though.
I noticed the camara thing as well. Very annoying!

The new quest interface has an option to show the quest level, so that's build in now.

Also the new API has a function that returns quests completed by the player. I wouldn't be surprised that there will be an addon soon that shows the quests you are missing (for those chasing the Loremaster title). So the addons that you're missing now might be replaced by something else soon enough.
Found one that keeps track of quests you've done: "Everyquest" (
The new quest interface has an option to show the quest level, so that's build in now.

As far as I know that is only as color code, not numerical.
I had the same camera issue, you can solve it. In the camera menu in the dropdown menu on the right you can select only on horizontal while moving, thats afaik the old setting.
There is a drop down somewhere to never adjust camera angles.
The scroll wheel on my mouse doesn't work in the Mac client. Blizzard programmers say they have a fix but it will wait til the next patch, grrrr.
The camera issue is fixable

1. Interface -> Camera
2. Smart pivot checked
3. left-hand drop-down 'Never adjust'
I've patched WoW but haven't logged in yet. Nor has Mrs Bhagpuss. Can't stop playing the Allods beta, its just too much fun.

Might give WoW a try this weekend. We are both on the verge of cancelling our WoW accounts now (Mrs Bhagpuss has definitely decided to pack WoW in, I still would like at least to get to Northrend and have a look round). Difficult to summon up any enthusuiasm to play though - it's started to seem really bland.

One thing I am curious about - if Dungeon play is now available entirely via the interface, will most players even get to see much of the changes to the actual overground landmass in the Cataclysm? It'll be interesting to see how they incentivize overland content to get people to bother to travel to it.
Maintaining mods is an annoying job.

Every patch Blizzard can decide to change something and hup, your addon stops working.
with the camera thing, you need to select an option for it to never follow. yeah, it was incredibly annoying and I'm still having an issue with turning. for some reason, game wants me to strafe even when I don't wish to. I'm almost wondering if they changed how mouse sensitivity is graded...

Auctioneer is bugged for me to, but since I was only using it becaue I like its listing setup, I decided to try actionlite instead, see if I like it. biggest problem with auctioneer that I had was simply how much memory it would use. almost 3 times as much as the rest of my addons put together, so that's no big loss.

Cartographer is completely borked but I like the new map look well enough not to miss it (I had cartographer mostly becasue it allowed me to have a map open and still steer my mount, now I can do it with a default map)
with a raid group..well, if I'm not mistaken, its server only :( which sucks as on my server raid pugs are sparse.
@Jormundgard: I've played a couple minutes yesterday and the scroll wheel was working just fine (using the Mac client ofcourse).
I do have the Logitech mac software installed, maybe you could try that.
Garett, you may already know this but /lfr opens up the looking for raid interface. It is not cross-server though, Blizzard has stated this is intended due to lockouts and such that would be a challenge with a cross-server raid group (since you don't finish in one run)
I hated the camera thing right off the bat as well, but there is a way to get it back exactly how it worked before. In the camera settings, make sure you have unchecked "Follow Terrain", and then in the Smart Camera dropdown, there's a new option to only adjust it horizontally. With those two settings, it'll swing back behind your character like you're used to, but keep the vertical angle whatever you last set it to. Enjoy!
I hear you on the camera control and additional instances thing. Also my Cartographer says I'm in the center of Icecrown when I've just left Dalaran. Perhaps a second post-patch download is needed after work. I do enjoy this patch and the features, the ease of getting Frost Emblems, etc. The instance servers have got to be fixed and not just bandaged this time.
Auctioneer is running fine for me. Make sure it isn't one of a myriad other addons with which it works that may be throwing an error. I had to update Skillet (manually, in one part of the code), Altoholic, and at least 3 other minor addons to make sure I could see the AH without errors.

Quest levels (IIRC) can now be displayed using the in-game quest tracker. Check your expanded options pane for tracking quests. If you need a mod to do that, though, you might want to look at Carbonite, which does about a bazillion other things as well.
I ever!!
Floris is correct, choose "Only Horizontal".

If you choose never to adjust the camera, it will stay stuck at the angle you set it.

Only horizontal will snap the camera back facing forward once you start moving.

I don't much like changing my i to a y just for Google, but so be it. I did the same in the WotLK beta. :)
Where is the "World"?

Funnily, the use o Instances as often criticized as totally lame, especially when it came to talking about Guild Wars.

Yet this is what right now happening to the "World of Warcraft":

It should be renamed to Dungeon Runners.
It's not the case since you can interact, craft, gather, level.. in the wow world. So it's still a MMORPG, not an instance generator (like, say, DDO)

Best of both worlds tbh.
This may be the camera fix.
There are serious bugs in the new mac rendering client, that cause repeated crashes & heavy lag. Fortunately there's a workaround to revert to the old renderer that's been posted on the support forum, but it's amazing that this wasn't fixed before release, as it was repeatedly reported.
@Nees: i have the logitech software installed on my mac, but my scrollWheel only works when I scroll really fast, one or two "clicks" of the wheel doesn't work. I thought it was my mouse ( just got a replacement a few days ago) acting up!
Mobs seem to stop on-top of or behind tanks right now. This is, of course, a bad thing as 99% of tank abilities can't be used on a target that isn't in front.

So the tank has to dance around trying to get everyone in front again. Which annoys the melee DPS trying to stay on target.

Hopefully it will be adjusted.

Otherwise, I have zero complaints.
As a tank, a lot of the mobs now have the habit of jumping behind me - even into walls where the dps can't target them... Incredibly annoying to be shifting entire trash fights just to keep mobs in front of me.... potentially devastating in a raid situation.
Is it the best ever?

What do we have: A new raid, a new 5 man, a few more dailies, some extra 'Girl Guide Badges' and a whole bunch of tweaks!

As a player who doesn't have the time to raid or interest either... this patch is as boring as every other patch released before.

The world (Azeroth) is dry, flat, stagnant and way past it's sell by date. I've done every dungeon to the Nth degree and intelligent enough to realise that dailies are not engaging content.

... go collect me some 'x' for the 50th time...

The new dungeons may be fresh... for about 2 weeks? I've not attempted them, I'm not excited by them and got no immediate want to do them.

WoW is so predictable now... it is a linear approach to drip feeding the player base with the same mechanics every single time.

When are the Bliz Dev Team going to come out with something a little out-there and mechanically new?

I'm in need of something stimulating.

They either can't or won't. Can't being they don't have any idea on how to dev new interesting angles on the game. Or won't because drip feeding dull predictable repetitive content to the player base is how to make money.

Does the patch do it for me? Nope and my account is cancelled and due to expire in March for good.
I was in a heroic Pit of Saron when our healer decided he had better stuff to do and left the group. The finder started looking for another player, and when it found one it reset the dungeon and turned it on to Regular mode instead. That was really annoying.

Overall the new Random Dungeon finder is nice, with just a few bugs to work out.
I agree with Longasc. While 3.3 may have added a huge amount of convenience, it has done so at the expense of the "virtual world" context. It is now possible to level a character, visit all of the dungeons, but not have any idea where any of them are actually located or how they relate to the game's environment. This concept is fine for a game that was designed around "dungeon running" from the ground up, like DDO. But for a game like WoW something of value has definitely been lost.
Not sure if this will fix the quest-level issue or not, I've had it for so long I've forgotten exact what it does:
@GG, it sounds like you just don't like being at the level cap of an MMO?
So far, I love the patch. One of the minor annoyances I have is that mobs seem to keep trying to get behind me while I am tanking.
@Ladron de la Noche

I think you are probably right, if only because after Loremaster, a dead crafting system, stale dungeons, etc... I would like to see content added via a patch that wasn't just about endgame and was more substantial than a fishing competition or new dailies.
I remember you Tobold expecting 3.3 to be a social patch but now I can join groups where players do not even say hello in the begining or goodbye in the end.

I do not know how it is going to evolve but 3.3 has not made grouping more social so far just more common.
@Robert: you're right, I'm having the same issue. I didn't notice it before.
"I don't much like changing my i to a y just for Google, but so be it. I did the same in the WotLK beta. :)"

So... I'm the Remus formerly known as Agravaine. :(
Nees and Robert,

The macrothead on the mac issues is here:
I agree with the posters that some of the value has been lost now that ppl can instantly portal to a dungeon. Maybe Blizz can "fix" this by making sure a player has entered a dungeon the "normal" way first (like a "Utgarde Keep" discovered message), before they can use the instant teleport function.

Other than that, i love the new patch, and doing dungeons on my tank has never been faster.
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