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Sunday, January 31, 2010
The return of the open Sunday thread

I'm not promising to make this a permanent institution again, but apparently some of you would like a place where they can suggest subjects for me to write about. Well, there is always e-mail, but nevertheless here it is, another edition of the open Sunday thread: If you have any questions for me, or any suggestions on themes I should write about, you can comment here.
Hello Tobold,

I would be interested in your thoughts on a nifty new WoW Armoury feature "character feed". It allows anyone capable of operating a browser and a rss-feed reader to track events of any player character like looting of epic items or killing of bosses. For example using this url : i could add a feed to my feed reader regarding the misadventures of Lolcat on Balnazzar.

Some players have privacy concerns, others not so much. There is a large thread on the wow forums: with 116 pages and counting.

have a nice sunday
I have a question - Can nice people role play villains in a hardcore game like EVE or Darkfall where villains really do upset their victims or do you need to be a b*stard in real life to be a b*stard in game?

I don't know if you read a recent post by the blogger who cannot be named (hint he is not softcore)about a scammer in Darkfall who tricked people into promoting him to an officer of their guild in order to rip off the guild bank. Initially I read this and admired his actions because it is entirely in keeping with the hard core attitude of Darkfall and it took some cleverness and audacity to pull off. When I read the scammers blog however I was disappointed to see that the scammer is actually a racist, abusive, whining asshole.
@mbp That is such an awesome question to ask. :D

I want to write about that too! :D

A very good question.I don't think it's fundamentally a requirement to be unpleasant IRL to be ruthless in games, as there are several sportsmen who are incredibly competitive in-game, but perfectly pleasant outside it.

Having said that, such people are probably in the minority. Judging by the way most people play on RP-servers in WOW, they are rarely able to stray beyond a fantasy version of their own personality. Given that these are the people who are most inclined to acting out a different role, I suspect that the truth in most cases is simpler:

Nice IRL = nice in game
Nasty IRL = nasty in game
Hey Tobold,

With the new dungeon finder in WoW I was able to run all the dungeons I wanted as a pally tank/healer. The first few days were amazing but soon I started getting jaded and have quit altogether for one simple reason; recount. What used to be an activity where a team would go against a computer has become an ultra competitive activity. DPS will pull off the tank in an effort to lead the damage report. I've been in some groups that end up wiping because the players have lost their ability to manage their agro. I'm now seeing recount appearing in my lower level dungeon groups. What do you think of addons that discourage team play such as recount and maybe to some extent gear score?
I've been spending my time lately in Star Trek Online. I only started playing during the last week of the beta, so I missed out on a lot of the game, though I've been hacking around in the head start this weekend. I'm up to LCDR and into my Tier 2 ships. But I'm still struggling trying to figure out exactly what the point of the game is.

STO is not a traditional MMO and I can't find a single shred of information on what the developers have in mind for players once they reach the "end game".

Can you shed any light on it Tobold?

I am currently levelling (early 40's) with a shammy heals and run with a new pally tank. The pally tank is new to tanking and very uncertain. This is my second healer (though a different class), and I am a little more comfortable.

Our solution to ... dodgy DPS is
* You get asked to let the tank pull
* You get told to let the tank pull
* You stop getting heals / rez. Even if this means that we wipe.
* We vote to kick if we can (timer permitting)
* We both leave the instance. We both have other toons to wait out a 15 minute deserter timer.

I will admit that there are times to let someone else pull, but those are by consent.

Once you ... make us unhappy we will not run with you anymore.

Tanks/Healers - If you dont like it - you can do something about it. Your wait times are really not that long - if you have any wait at all.
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