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Saturday, February 13, 2010
Degrees of annoyance

One thing I learned this week is how difficult it is to express degrees of annoyance through blogging. What annoyed me most this week was not being able to play WoW for several evenings due to unplayable lag (fortunately fixed now). But my rant about that came over as far too tame. The other story was just a minor annoyance of mine, but apparently came over far too strong. Well at least I got a brilliant parody from Tipa and Syp out of it.
I'm kinda off WoW also, my pc decided to dc from realm life three weeks ago and the pc I ordered from Dell is taking ages to arrive. So I'm like a junkie right now waiting on to get his fix of that wow dust. It's making me cranky and moody against people around me.
I haven't played WoW for several years but the fact that a five year old game can instil such strong feelings when you are prevented from playing is impressive... or worrying. Not too sure which.
There was a time during my studies when I played WoW 16 hours a days.

First, I want to mention that it was a great time and it didn't really hinder my success at university. (That my say something about the university - I studied physics at that time).

However, during summer I went to a three weeks long vacation together with several very good real life friends.

Before I went, I asked myself whether WoW makes addicted. So I observed myself during the three weeks.

To my surprise I was annoyed when people started to talk about WoW during this vacation (happened rarely, but happened). Somehow I had the feeling that I was on vacation and raid leading etc. was something that had no place in my 'free time'.

My conclusion upon returning: WoW runs no danger of getting me addicted. I just tend to engage in the most fun activities that are available and compared to studying WoW was simply more fun - and in some way even better at preparing me for the inevitably following life-with-a-job.

If you are able to use Team Speak to motivate clueless "socials" to read EJ, you are very well qualified for motivating people to work harder on some arbitrary project at work ;).
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