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Saturday, February 20, 2010
Is the Buzz killing Twitter?

I don't use Twitter, so I can't say how active it is right now. But Scarybooster reports the tweets of the people he follows on Twitter having halved in number. Meanwhile, in my own experience, Buzz is growing quite fast. Was the 140 character limit of Twitter a mistake?
Hmm should I reply to this via blogger comment or Buzz?


Or is that the test? :)
I'm not a fan of the entire concept as such, but .. could it be that it's just an evolutionary thing? Twitter opened the market by lowering the entry barrier to the level of primitivism (built-in excuse for poor spelling, grammar and wording included). Buzz may be just the next logical step now that the familiarity and acceptance are in place.
Not yet. I link my Twitter to Buzz and prefer to use Twitter since it loads faster at the moment. I am sure Google will streamline it
Not on my friends list, it hasn't.
I haven't even got to take a look at Buzz yet, I just started embracing Twitter as a viable social tool. My brother told me he didn't see any settings regarding email notifications. He made a mistake by replying on a topic from Gary Vaynerchuck and is now receiving emails for every single reply, each 700 of them.

I don't think Twitter limiting their characters ever hurt them. It's their niche, as long as you know how to use it, it will be beneficial to you. I won't ramble on about how people misuse Twitter.
Don't use either, so I wouldn't know.
Twitter is a fad. Like all fads, the fawning masses will find another eventually.
Forgive my ignorance here, but how do you deal with the rudeness/spamming via Buzz?
When following the right kind of people, the discussion on Buzz is surprisingly polite and educated. Just unfollow the trolls, or even block them.
Buzz is not coming anywhere near Twitter. Twitter is just fine. :)
I checked out Buzz for a bit, and have gone back to Twitter now. Buzz is too spammy for my taste, with all the comments and whatnot ... it has a more forum-y feel to it, encouraging deeper discussions, but they still stay shallower than real, actual forum discussions.

So I stay in forums for more thorough looks at things, and keep Twitter for the cursory stuff. There is no reasonable middle ground for me. I only haven't switched off Buzz yet because I'm too lazy for that.
I like Twitter better - it is less casual and also Google Buzz hasn't merged with everything yet as far as being able to share with others and such; Also so many I know don't even use Google for mail so that seems to be a barrier also.
^ not less casual meant more casual than Google Buzz. :)
Somewhat related, a website that points out some of the risks associated with tweeting too much personal info.
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