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Friday, February 05, 2010
Terms of Service changed

This is just to tell you that I updated my Terms of Service, after re-reading them and finding some points that were outdated. In particular the changes were:

- Added a remark to paragraph 4 to point out that while I don't delete well argued comments just because I disagree with them, I *do* delete well argued comments if you finish them with a personal attack on how I, my blog, or that particular post sucks. There is a *huge* difference between "I don't think this review is fair, because you failed to mention ..." and "this was an unfair, superficial and poorly-done "review" from a guy who didn't seem very interested in trying the game out in the first place" (the latter being an actual quote from a deleted comment). Yes, I'm sensitive that way, and unwilling to having to defend myself against untrue accusations like this all the time. Live with it. Try to argue without personal remarks, because even if I would post them, they actually only weaken your argument.

- Rewrote paragraph 5, because the original still allowed anonymous commenting, which unfortunately I had to turn off due to anonymous comment spam. Listed the free services you can register with to comment here.

- Added a remark to paragraph 10 to state that I will disclose all freebies I receive. This happens to be in accordance with FTC rules from end of last year, but the actual policy exists since long before that, since the first freebie I received. So even if some lawyer convinces me that my blog does not have to follow US federal trade commission rules, that policy would remain unchanged.

Note that the Terms of Service also contain (not an update, was always there) helpful hints on how to put a clickable link into a comment using HTML code. As I get comments every day containing links that either can't be clicked, or use some forum style code which isn't working, methinks you didn't read my Terms of Service. :) I would recommend you do so.
I think there's just not enough public information available to properly judge this situation from the outside. Not that Blizzard is infallible, but in cases like this I tend to think Blizzard is justified, even if it was harsh.
I wonder what % of your yearly posts deal with how commenting will work here. ;)
Your blog, your kingdom. But don't you think you are overreacting?

That's already beyond sensitive and I do wonder if someone as sensitive as this needs to talk to someone (hope you don't consider this an insult) or should even have a blog.

And if you must have a blog, should you even have the comments on? What's the point of it if the slightest perceived insult gets an whole comment deleted?

I do like your blog Tobold and I come here everyday. But perhaps, and this is an advice I would give a friend, you should really think if blogging and interaction with others is what you want. You seem to have trouble dealing with things that at the end of the day don't matter at all.
There is an error with how you are displaying the HTML codes in paragraph 6.
Make what ever changes you need as long as you keep posting. :)
There is an error with how you are displaying the HTML codes in paragraph 6.

Could you be more specific? Looks perfectly alright to me, but maybe that depends on what browser one uses.

I wonder what % of your yearly posts deal with how commenting will work here.

Less than you think. But if I mention commenting plus a bunch of other things in a post, commenting is always the subject everybody jumps upon, making the subject appear more important.

I do wonder if someone as sensitive as this ... should even have a blog.

How do you talk to your mother?

I do think it is perfectly normal that in *some* environments you have to talk more politely, more intelligently, less emotional, and less rude than in others. I am *trying* to create such an environment here. As that is above the standards of normal internet discussion, I need to repeat that message from time to time.

And as I already explained a lot of times, my personal sensitivity is only part of the problem. The other part is that "you suck" does NOT lead to any intelligent discussion afterwards.

I doubt you talk to your mother or your boss the same way as you talk to me. Why on earth do you think that it is alright to be more rude to me than to them?
You know, I really wish every website/software/service/company that made a TOS change broke down the changes like this.
Strong oversight is good for internet discussions. Only a polite discussion leaves enough room to actually attack the others point of view.
>Try to argue without personal remarks, because even if I would post them, they actually only weaken your argument.

Unless the post is specifically about personal attacks (this post, the "I'm turning off anon commenting" post), attacking is moving off-topic from the point of the post, and is therefore a troll.

I am glad you pre-delete those posts, so I don't have to sift through them. Thank you.

Of course, the best trolls (Devil's Advocates) don't use personal attacks, they just pull the rug out from under your feet using purely factual (or perceived factual) information. I'm glad you're keeping these guys around, as they can really help further the development of an idea or discussion.
Tobold, I won't bother skimming to the blog but I know that there are many occurrences of you being quite rude or allowing rude comments in your blog provided they are directed at someone else than yourself. Some of the last example are even after you turned moderation on so you really should be a bit more self aware.

But the thing is you are mistaking politeness for deference. I, and everybody else, owe you no deference. I don't even owe any deference to my boss, just politeness. But you seem to go over and beyond that. You are saying to people "talk to me as you would talk to your mother?" Are you serious? :)

I come to this blog for almost 4 years and lately, like 6 months ago until now, you become more and more sensitive and every two weeks you have a post on why some people are rude and you are a victim. That isn't healthy. It isn't healthy for you to get worked up so much and it isn't healthy for you to try to shape people comments to be exactly as you feel comfortable with. That's not wanting discussion with people that's just wanting discussion with people who react exactly as you want them to, say things how you want them to, be like you think people are supposed to be.

Guess what: people are not like that and perhaps, and this is an honest suggestion, you should consider making your blog private. Like that you will have absolute control over what kind of people you are exposed to. Don't have the door open when you know you can't deal with the less polite people that will come in.

But at the end of the day you are just a blogger who writes some good insightful posts but regardless of some people say here, the day you stop blogging is the day people will go: "oh, that's too bad, i liked his writing" and then move on to the next blog in the blog-roll. But i also hope you don't go that way.

It also takes away part of the fun when you have to re-read every one of your comments in search of something that you *might* perceive as insulting. Because it's not only "you suck." You even started deleting comments that you feel "don't add to discussion." As I write this I even wonder if it will get published or not, but my consciousness is clear on that regard.

I just wanted t get the old Tobold back, the Tobold that cared more about the games than what people would say to him...
I don't even owe any deference to my boss, just politeness.

I don't ask for deference, just politeness. I would like the discussion on my blog to look like the discussion that could theoretically be held in a business meeting. People don't say "you suck" to each other in a business meeting.

I also noticed that you are extremely sensitive about how I moderate my comments. Maybe you should get some psychological help? Or just stop reading the posts dealing with that subject of politeness which seems to be so foreign and offending to you?
Obviously you didn't understood my suggestion and took offense. Since I don't really want an audience here, your answer is in the mail.
No offense taken. I was making a rhetorical point by taking your personal remarks, rephrasing them slightly, and using them on you. Your angry reaction to that made my point, how such personal remarks are generally unpleasant. We are *all* sensitive to something.
I didn't got sngry Tobold. I thought that was clear on our conversation in gchat. I just didn't wanted any further audience.
Exactly my point. You didn't want any audience to your personal state of mind being discussed in public. Neither do I. Thus comment moderation.
Ok, you don't understand. It's not a matter of privacy. It's just not polluting the blog with conversation that has nothing to do with gaming. It was to avoid what we are doing right now. :)
It's just not polluting the blog with conversation that has nothing to do with gaming.

Hehe, again you are using an argument of mine you previously complained about. You are totally right, personal discussion pollutes the blog with conversation that has nothing to do with gaming. Another argument for comment moderation.
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