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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Games for the occasion

You might be wondering why I'm posting more about Facebook games lately. No, I didn't give up on MMORPGs and more complicated single-player games. It's just that I'm on holiday until Easter, visiting family. As family visits tend to go, I have very little time for myself, and spend a lot of time with others. Thus something like a 5-hour raid would be totally unthinkable, and even half an hour uninterrupted for an heroic is hard to find. I am completely aware of the various negative aspects of Facebook games, but the one advantage they have is that you can do things in them if you have just 10 minutes here and there.

For the exact same reason my blog posts have been shorter lately, simple lack of time. Isn't it strange that you end up having more time on work day than during holidays?
Isn't it strange that you end up having more time on work day than during holidays?

In a society that regulates your living standard by 'assigning' you a 'job', that is almost necessarily the case. :)

No I don't think that this could easily be improved. It's just an interesting feature of this society.
I always think that is weird too. Especially when you just want a day to yourself and you have to go accomplish things. Whatever, it's the world we live in.

At least you are getting some gaming time in.
I would be interested in a post about time management and playing MMORPG's for busy/family/adult folks.

When I'm home with my wife, she actually expects me to pay attention to her. I can sneak play time in here and there as long as I can get up at a moments notice to respond to her. Even just conversationally.

Most married people w/ families wouldn't find that odd at all. Kid screams, get up. Phone rings, wife bellows "can you get that?", you get it. Wife yells "hey, come look at this", you do. Dog gives you that pleading "play with me" look. If you ignore those things, you might find yourself missing life, or alone.

Makes heroics & raids an endeavor that needs to be scheduled. Before the Dungeon Finder, I never ran a single instance other than raids on my scheduled night.

My dear wife gives me Wednesday nights uninterrupted. If she goes shopping on a Sunday afternoon, I might get in a few heroic runs.

I've seen rage against many of the "casual-friendly" changes to WoW, intimating that it's for slackers or stupid, lazy players.

But it really helps those of us that want to play and play well, but have limited spans of 2-4 hours uninterrupted.
Instead of the waste of space for the so-called facebook games (I use the term loosely), why not try the Civilisation online browser based game?

Far superior and you can load and save your games up at will and still play on a low end machine from anywhere.
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