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Sunday, March 07, 2010
Open Sunday Thread

Are there any questions you have for me? Or do you have suggestions for subjects you want me to write about during the week?
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Share with us your most nostalgic moment/moments of wow? I know yu are too intelligent to fall into the trap of considering it objectively better back then, but it would be interesting to what you miss, what you loved, what really made WoW special to you that is no longer there, and in general jut how and about what you reminisce.
Would you like to speculate on the nature of Blizzards new MMO? :)
I say a post about the Love MMO Beta.

But that's just me.
Another blogger is launching a new guild, with a totally different purpose from 'single abstract noun'. I mean Gevlon and his pvp guild. He is building a gankers guild to make alliance fanboys transfer out of Maghteridon server, and thus equilibrating the horde-alliance ratio.

Both guilds obviously do not have much to share, but is there a larger scheme?
(Such as: real-life-winter is a traditional period to create guilds;
or wow players are growing unsatisfied about their guilds, and are trying to build their own;
or they want to try something new before the Cataclysm;
or just a mere coincidence?)
I second Pangoria's request about the Love MMO.
will you come with me into a Darkfall trial so we can see if we can't get across the message of "Hugs not Drugs" to the aggro-monkeys? Come on -- Syncaine would love our company (and our hugs).
My Open Sunday thread question for you would be:

Under what circumstances would you feel a sense of tension in your MMO gaming these days? Do you think more people are inclined towards having a more tense gaming experience these days, or a less tense one?
What's your opinion of "Runes of Magic"?
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