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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Unnecessary click fest, Blizzard!

One of the changes in patch 3.3.3 is that the various battleground "mark of honor" have been phased out, and everything is bought by honor now. Good idea, lousy implementation! You need to exchange your marks for Commendations of Service at an NPC, and the stupid commendations are "Unique (10)", so you can only exchange 10 at a time. Then you need to leave the merchant screen, click 10 times to exchange the commendations for points, and then get the next 10 commendations. I didn't do much PvP in my life, but still I had over 150 marks of honor, taking far too much time, and far too many clicks to exchange. As a consequence there is a large group of players around that NPC spamming commendation exchanges and adding to the lag in Dalaran.

That could have been done better, Blizzard!
That is annoying. More annoying is when people make the train noise while they convert their marks. I had to turn the sound off.
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I think the 2 second CD was a waste also. I ended up key-binding the commendations so I could use them and buy more without having to close the vendor window.
Sorry I deleted a typo in my last comment.

I've been fishing lately and had to open a bunch of clams, and noticed that there was no cd on opening them, so I just dropped them on my action bar and jammed a key forty times which I thought was much faster than clicking.

What I _should’ve_ done though is dropped it on to an unused action bar on the key I have mapped to my mousewheel for spell spamming.

I guess that won’t help you now, but hey, you never know when you'll be staring at the business end of 5 stacks of clams.
Ah I just noticed someone mentioned a cooldown. Why does blizzard have a cd on stuff like this? Mounts is the other one I hate -- buy like all 6 or 7 mounts from a city and then you have to wait for like a four second CD between learning each mount.
From my guild's forum..

Have the NPC purchase window open at the commendations of service, then spam this macro to automatically buy commendations then use them

/script BuyMerchantItem(1);
/script BuyMerchantItem(2);
/script BuyMerchantItem(3);
/script BuyMerchantItem(4);
/script BuyMerchantItem(5);
/script BuyMerchantItem(6);
/use Commendation of Service
I think the cooldowns are just a communication delay so the servers can process the information in the correct order.
The train noise in an interface bug that has been in the game for at least all of WoTLK. It has something to do with the new races added in Burning Crusade. For some reason the action all other races use when clicking the item or using the cannons or the like in Dragonblight cause them to do the sound for the train emote.
The train noise thing being a bug makes sense. It seemed like it was always a female dranei.

Still annoying tho.
The Unique(10) is to prevent people from hoarding Honor. There's a cap on how much Honor you can have at any one time. That way, when a new PvP Season arrives, you can't immediately purchase all the new gear. The cap limits the amount of gear you can buy at the start of the season.

Blizzard's decision, and I agree with it, was to cause a one-time hassle with the mark->honor conversion, instead of potentially unbalancing the next PvP Season.
The train noise in an interface bug that has been in the game for at least all of WoTLK.

Are you sure that someone isn't just placing down the Toy Train Set?

I've never heard of that bug, but I do know that Train Set will make everyone in the area (including you) uncontrollably spam the /train emote.
When you use a commendation to get the honor your guy does a train emote without the train sound.

The Dranai female and male Blood Elf also do the train sound. It's a bug they are too busy to fix.
Anything that's laggy, do in Exodar. I do all my mail, auctions, guild banking, turn ins, everything that I can there. It's on the BC server, which is very under-utilized, and there is practically no one in the city on my server.
And it is a bug, because you do the motion when turn one in, but you aren't supposed to make the sound.

There's no train sets, because I was LOOKING for place to use my Wind-Up Train Wrecker.
I didn't even realize this was an option with other things like emblems till I had already turned 100's of Valor into epic gems. Oi going through all the vendors and buys took me like an hour. A guildie saw me in there and finally asked what I was doing. Suffice to say many lols, rofls, and the such were found in gchat for a while after that.
See, when I read the title, I thought you were talking about the entire game.
@Rohan - I just assumed that all the competent meta-gamers bought most of their gear on day 1. The 75k limit affects the masses, but I know of no limit on SK Shards or WG commendations (which are BOA so you can use all your toons for your main.)

Unless Blizzard changes the vendor, the BG tokens are another way to store honor. Casual PvPers (or HC with full set) will want to get BG->HK->Ruby->Gold ASAP since everything in WoW is always worth less, especially when expansion hits beta. People who care about season gear would realize that the first day of next season is a better time to exchange tokens for HK.
...This brings back memories of Dark Iron rep. XD
that's nothing...I finally decided to buy the Wooly Mammoth last night from Mei Francis in Dalaran (200 Emblems of Heroism).

My current currency was 120 Emblems of Triumph and 80 Emblems of Frost. It took me 1,360 clicks to convert those emblems into Emblems of Heroism.

Realllllyyyyy crappy.
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