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Friday, May 21, 2010
Browsing my archives

Due to changes Blogger made last week to their code, it now happens that if you select a month to browse in my archives, you don't see all the posts of that month, with the first posts of the month often gone missing. To overcome that problem they provided code which I added to my template which lets you select "Older" and "Newer" posts at the bottom of the page. Thus if for example you want to read my April 1st fool's post, you need to select April from the dropdown list at the right, and then select "Older" at the bottom of the page to reach April 1st.

Note that you can also find specific posts by using the search function in the upper left corner of this blog.
Finally you have an "older" button!

I ran into a problem with that the other day and was going to email you soon about it!
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