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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
EVE newbie guide

Via the always so extremely nice and helpful people of comes the link to EVE newbie guide from the kind folks of the Goonwaffe. Part of the info is Goon-specific, but there are helpful hints and lists of skills to learn that are useful for any EVE newbie.
That is just about the most awesome thing I've ever seen.
+1, love it. Even if you don't play EVE, never have, and never will, this is funny just for the throwback to high school you'll get for the textbook style they made it in.
Am i the only one that this reminds of the principia discordia? ;)
Don't bump the Titan :)
Good link. I've used the guides at as well and found them helpful.
Thanks Tobold! Your experiments got me into EVE, and for better or for worse I'm there to stay.

I found the EVE blog pack helpful too. I'll post two links, the old blog pack with links, and the updated blog pack that hasn't been linked yet. In that order.
Thanks Tobold. I just cancelled my WoW account yesterday and spent about 5 hours trying to learn EvE.

It's a big change from WoW, but so far I've had more fun playing this game than any other MMO in a while now.
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