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Sunday, May 09, 2010
The nice side of PvP

I don't normally blog on Sundays, but I thought this might make a nice closure of the previous PvP-centric week. Creekmore wrote me about a Warhammer PvP event in support of a guild member with breast cancer. Quote
You might like this story of an unusual event on Warhammer Online's badlands server. A huge group of PvPrs stopped killing each other for a few minutes, died their armor pink and all changed their names to 'PinkforTink' to support one of their own (Tinkerhell) that's fighting breast cancer.

It contradicts the PvP gamer stereotype to see such an outpouring of support for something like Breast cancer. I've never seen anything like it. Makes me proud to be a gamer.
I have nothing to add to that.
I support saving boobs! Especially on Mothers Day! Kudos to no one griefing that event!
The way PvP content and players get exposed for being self absorbed and generally overall vocal about themselves and things that only pertain to what effects them in game. It's good to see another side exists. Well done Warhammer players.
This is lame.
It's interesting to see how few responses a nice PVP post like this gets...
"It's interesting to see how few responses a nice PVP post like this gets..."

It's because all Tobold said was...

"I have nothing to add to that."

Not much room for more than 'aww thats so nice'.
It's interesting to see how few responses a nice PVP post like this gets...

Because there isn't much to discuss. Despite Tobold's title, it has very little to do with actual PvP, just some nice people being nice. And it's not like anyone is gonna make a comment saying that it was lame or anything, because that would be ridiculous.
Nice riposte to Frosty there, Hobonicus.
"I support saving boobs!"

Since surviving breast cancer sometimes means women have to -lose- their boobs, I'd hope that saving the lives of the human beings attached to them would be more of the focus of people's support.

I understand that the phrase is meant to just be a cutesy slogan, but it's also kind of dehumanizing to the -people- who have breast cancer, as if the important thing about curing the disease is saving 'teh boobies' instead of the people themselves.
It's easy to be nice when all you have to do is nothing.
Thanks for posting, Tobold. This meant more to me than you guys know. This was not nothing. Do you know how seriously these guys take the color of their armor? They spend hundreds of gold to keep it in special whites and blacks.
Well after this week I half expected people to look at this post and say things like "see tobold pvpers aren't all bad it's just you, blah blah blah" and start some argument. Guess I'm just too used to the WoW forums.
I may be mistaken, but I don't think you ever mentioned a "PvP" theme.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it started out as an "EvE experiment" that devolved into you slagging EvE pvp, and implying the entire game was pvp. When as you later mention only 10-20% of players participate.
The EVE experiment went on for several weeks and isn't really finished yet (although I'm currently playing offline). I talked about various aspects like mining, running missions, the newbie experience, etc.

I then talked ONE week about EVE PvP. And I never said the whole game was PvP, I was just looking at one aspect after another, because that is a lot easier to write about than trying to take in a sandbox game in its totallity, which is huge. I also never said "all of EVE is bad", I just talked about the part of EVE which is PvP, and which you say isn't even played by the majority of EVE players.

It is just that the players of EVE are overly sensitive, and can't stand anyone even remotely criticizing their game. There are over 30 times more WoW players than EVE players, but when I write a post about an aspect of WoW which I don't like, I only get half the responses than if I say something equally negative about EVE.

I wonder if the difference is that WoW is mostly played on the servers, while a lot of EVE "playing" is going on outside the game, diplomacy happening via e-mail, phone, or on alliance forums. Thus EVE players might think they can do PvP outside the game too. Or is that PvB, players vs. blogger?
What a nice link. The story is very touching.
I'm on Badlands server too but I'm just starting out so I never saw this going on this weekend. I can say I am very impressed by the warhammer community. It feels like when I started WoW almost 4 years ago. For the most part a nice group of gamers and fun pvp.
Very good point Pai. You were correct in the fact that I was just trying to show support in a light manner. I thankfully have not experienced that particular form of cancer in my family, so I'm not informed about it, and I apologize if I offended due to my ignorance.
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