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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Storming the Citadel

Thanks to an excellent alt run my guild organized, I now have the famous Storming the Citadel achievement all those pickup raids are asking for. That is 4 out of 12 bosses in Icecrown Citadel killed, and two attempts on Festergut before we called it a night. Very nice result. And apart from the first boss not too much running around during the fights, so I could concentrate on playing my class. Given that I was one of only 2 healers, that was challenging enough for me.

Besides the fun, I got a Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff, and the ring for having reached friendly reputation with the Ashen Verdict. So quite a successful evening!
I'd love to hear your comments on fights like Rotface, Putricide, the Blood Prince Council, and Sindragosa. All of those fights have mechanics that require you to move, play your class well, AND think strategically.

WoW raiding, contrary to your characterization of it in your recent posts, requires both the ability to react to periodic, encounter-specific events and competence with one's class. Part of learning any boss is planning out how best you as a player can maximize your effectiveness. When do I need to move? What boss mechanics can I use to my advantage? With all of that in mind, how should I use my cooldowns?

Raid leaders have even more questions to ask themselves that start with planning out class composition among the stock of players available to them, to more encounter specific questions like when to Bloodlust, where to position people given that you can only get X tank instead of Y tank, who should get bitten first on Blood Queen Lane'thel, and many more.

WoW raiding is a very multifaceted and requires multiple skillsets. If it's platforming, it's more a combination of P.B. Winterbottom and Trine than Mario.
I'm happy you were able to get in ICC and see some of the content, Tobold. The buff they have implemented definately is in favor of all kinds of players getting to see Blizz's finest dungeon, unlike the original Naxx!

What did you think of the first four battles as a healer?
What did you think of the first four battles as a healer?

For me the first four battles were a good challenge, both from the degree of challenge, and from the type of challenge. I was quite busy making interesting decisions on who to heal first and with what spell, instead of jumping around all the time.
I'm glad you had fun and got that weapon.

I like to try to get at least one weapon or item from each raid I visit, something to remember it by as a memento of where I've been - and I've collected quite a few since vanilla.

Although it can get a bit repetitive upon repeated runs, I think the lore and variety of Icecrown Citadel is fantastic.

Battles are much more interesting and meaningful when given context like the Deathbringer Saurfang fight.
This is why I love you so much Tobold. You're decent. And honest. You've been writing quite a lot of negative posts about the current raiding in WoW, and still - after trying out the latest instance for yourself - you're not entering with the aim to look for proof for your standpoint. You look at it with new, curious eyes and since it turned out that it wasn't that bad and you actually had fun, you say so. Openminded and not caring about prestige. That's what I would say builds trust among the readers.
What did you think of the novelty Gunboat fight?

Personally, as a healer, I don't get it. It tends to play out as a very long and uneventful 'fight', where the only faintly interesting thing is the MT tanking Saurfang/Muradin on the other boat.
I'm glad you enjoyed the early third fights. The second-third encounters are even more interesting, and arguably the final third of ICC is even better. Hope you get to see them.
I think the Gunship Battle, like the chess event in Karazhan and the Shade of Akama in Black Temple - as you said novelty/lore fights, that are fun, enjoyable, a relaxing break from more strenuous battles, and "EZ LEWT" - a reward for coming so far, and a chance to do something interesting and different.

Can't have a theme park without rides right? ;)
Glad to see that you enjoyed yourself. In my opinion, ICC has some very interesting boss fights; I'll encourage you to progress even further.

With the 20% buff, the "twitch" factor is much less now (unless you're doing heroic).
Mmm, doens't look like I'll be raiding with my new warriorif I need that achievement...
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