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Saturday, May 08, 2010
What I spent your money on

I promised to give regular updates on my donations project, but as there is next to nothing to report on the incoming side (only 1 donation this month), I'll talk about what I spent your money on up to now. In detail it is up to now, in chronological order: I was tempted to buy the Civilization IV complete pack, which is just 10 Euro on Steam this weekend, but as I already own the base game and the Colonization stand-alone expansion, it really wasn't that great a deal for me. Yeah, I know, preordering Civilization V is somewhat silly, as it won't be out before fall, but this is one of the few games in which I have blind trust.

I'm considering a multi-boxing experiment for World of Warcraft as my next donation-funded purchase. Is that something you would be interested in reading about?
I would probably not be interested in hearing about multiboxing. It's kind of a tedious endeavor in the first place, and barely changes the gameplay unless you PvP.
I don't think you need to spend much money to multi-box. If you use the Recruit-A-Friend programme, your referrer account will get a free month when your referred account signs up so all you need to shell out is the £10 to buy the second copy (I think).

It's a pretty cheap way to cheat and level up new characters actually as, when grouped together, both accounts get x3 exp.
I approve of these endeavors!

I'm especially interested in hearing about your multiboxing, what classes you choose, macros to employ etc.
I add a vote for multi box action.
Mult-boxing is great. With mages on both accounts you can get a free port anytime you want (starting at level 35), you can have a built in partner for group quests, you can run your own low level characters through dungeons. There are some downsides, like buying all the expansions twice, paying twice as much per month, and account bound goodies are only good for that account even if both accounts are on the same account.
Sounds good T, tell us about multi-boxing WoW.
I agree with Hobonicus, the multiboxing idea isn't thrilling - unless you go stomping BGs with 4 ele shamans or such, which isn't gonna happen. :)
Controlling a duo, trio, or even full party is one of the interesting factors of alot of classic RPGs up to Dragon Age, so having this element in WoW with it's real-time gameplay is quite compelling I imagine, though not something all of us can afford.
I hear that A Tale in the Desert is gearing up for a new telling:

Might be interesting to see the other side of the sandbox as it were.
>I'm considering a multi-boxing experiment for World of Warcraft as my next donation-funded purchase.


They're a pain to set up, and while the rewards are worth it, you just don't seem like the type who's willing to sit through hours of configuration, keybindings, learning movement patterns, and sorting some kind of inventory scheme.

And it's even worse if you're running them both on the same system, unless you divvy up the scene between the two. could be interesting for you if you've never done it before.

I've done it before. I had two WoW accounts while I was able to use a friend's account to power level both of them (RAF). Triple-boxing can be interesting, but it can also be very annoying, depending on what you're doing.

It's quite amazing how fast you can level alts that way. If you want, you could spend a bored weekend getting alts from 1-60. If so, grab an addon called "KeepFollowing".

You can position lowbie alts on both factions in a city and work both auction houses (you can get money over with a 15% cut, and then use it to buy and sell on both sides for profit).

If nothing else, try out RAF, see just how fast leveling is (and why I'd never level another character without it...although I quit WoW anyway) and see whether you think having two accounts is even necessary to see anything "new" in WoW.

Why not.
Yes, I would be interested in a multi box experiment blog.

need I say more ;)

(YES for multiboxing)
Yea, multi-boxing seems more of a PVP thing, and I doubt you'll see the impassioned response like you got for EVE, although that surprised me too.

Are you experiments limited to PC games? MMOs?

I'd like to see you blog the search for PVP that is fun for you! :)
re: CIV 4 complete pack

Original CIV 4 - great (you already have it)

Warlords - pretty good

Beyond the sword - I found some of the mods completely rubbish... YMMV

Colonization - great.
Multi boxing sounds interesting. I've always wondered what the added value is.

You can't run an instance alone, can you?
I very much recommend dual-boxing, I started in January and haven't looked back. And has been mentioned, there is the awesome rocket mount up for grabs now!

It's basically a whole new game managing 2 players at once. It takes some research and a little trail and error to get it right, but once you get going only playing one toon at a time becomes a little boring.

I recommend 2 ranged dps to begin with, especially pet classes such as warlocks or hunters.

My favourite team has been ele shaman/mm hunter, gearing them up once they hit 80 has been simple and they are now easily pugging VoA and the weekly raid.

Check out for more information.
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