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Sunday, June 13, 2010
Short comment on Cataclysm changes

Blizzard held a press event and gave out a ton of new information about Cataclysm. Some part of it reversing previous announcements, e.g. The Path of the Titans is being scrapped, and so are guild talents. This immediately led to some big discussion and complaints on some blogs. Me, I'm not complaining, because I didn't take the various announcements for granted before they were implemented. Or as I said in April: "I can imagine a dozen different systems for archeology in Cataclysm, and still never get the guess exactly right. So why bother with speculation? Safer to wait and see, at least until the beta."
Cataclysm was a demanding project. It was a hell of a lot of work. It's probably no surprise that some of it has to be skipped / delivered later.

It's sad nontheless.

What is even sadder:

There will be a whole new crop of heirlooms for Cataclysm. Goblins and Worgen will be able to start using heirlooms immediately at launch.

I hate heirlooms. If you use them the leveling game is too easy and you cannot enjoy many item upgrades (includung weapons). It's terrible to see a wonderful staff drop and to skip it.
If you don't use them you get stomped in the leveling BGs.

I really hoped Blizzard had understood it :(
Seeing Path of the Titans gone makes me wonder what the Archaeology profession will actually be good for. If I'm lucky it will be only for shits and giggles, giving nothing tangible like stats and achievements so we explorers can have it for ourselves without anybody telling us we should only go for the best.

The idea that WoW would make a turn towards exploration was probably naive to begin with.

That fact that they scrap the PofT is ok. What one can critizise, however, is the fact that they made a big announcement about it before.

A skilled and experienced developer like Blizzard shouldn't make such mistakes.
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They didn't make a big announcement, it was just part of the BLizzCon stuff that was still WIP. Ideas change and/or are scrapped; it isn't a mistake.
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@Nils: Ever since they failed to deliver new dances, I haven't given their announcements much weight.
I'm really glad they ditched guild talents, it wasn't a good idea. And the thought of having to argue with the rest of the guild about whether to optimise for PvP, levelling, or PvE wasn't something I was looking forwards to.

I'm still not sure they really get guilds. The idea of having to earn guild reputation via achievements -- no Blizzard, we're NOT all achievers. Some of us like to earn guild rep by sucking up to the GM, the traditional way :)
With the removal of the Path of the Titans, I'm more concerned than ever about the amount of content that will be available for the non-raiding crowd at the top-end.

Note that Blizzard had said they were only raising the cap by 5 levels, but that the PotT would provide an alternative to strict leveling system, with unique questlines, daily quests, the special glyphs, etc.

Now we're talking just 5 levels to the cap again, and after that the gear and raiding treadmill for another 2 years.

I'm not subscribed now, and as a very casual player, I'm worried I might only get a month or two out of this expansion pack.

This expansion is aimed at new players and it has to be. Blizzard ignored them for too long and cannot make up for the people who leave anymore.

They realized this very late - but I don't think too late.

What I am looking for is leveling another char. The additional lvl 80-85 endgame will necessarily be limited. I don't think there is any reason to assume that the raiding endgame will offer less content, though (If you like that..).
I was never happy about the new ideas for Cataclysm such as Path of the Titans or guild talent trees. I am glad to hear they are scrapped and I hope that means they are focusing their efforts instead to the new content and more attention to crafting(a big letdown in WOTLK).
You and I both know how raiders work, Path of the Titans was going to be mandatory for all raiders. Free 4% damage or similar bonus? Your guild would not find it acceptable for you to pass that up.

They realized with other professions that players hate being required to do something, so I think this was somewhat inevitable.
Blizzard has decided to scrap putting a little glitter on the sides of the treadmill.

But, they are still planning on extending the treadmill an extra foot, bringing you, its devoted customers, more content!
Pretty disappointing changes. As a scribe my earning potential will collapse. I don't see any plans to, say, let people transfer enchants to new gear. That's what it would take to make this balanced.

Bottom line there is no real new profession or class to monkey around with in Cata, few new abilities, talent revamps that mostly appear to give you extra points to spend on useless stuff and a stat revamp that doesn't functionally change very much.

Yes there is the old world revamp and some new zones, but even the newest best solo content bores me very quickly now. The guild system now rewards nothing of value other than more heirlooms (unnecessary and as said above detrimental to the leveling experience). Add to that a ToC-length opening raid...

What exactly am I supposed to be excited about here? Rated BG's I guess. Changes to combat/design/healing that will get rid of the feeling that I'm doing nothing but long hallways of AoE... if they survive the massive outcry from mediocre players who thought they were good. That's not very much.

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