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Wednesday, June 02, 2010
Star Wars MMO releases this year!

... but maybe not the game you have been waiting for. SOE announced Clone Wars Adventures, a Star Wars Free2Play MMO in the Free Realms style.
The day I play another SOE MMO is the day... well, will never happen.
Another try to chosing a good title that will be found in Google ? :)

This one is going to be free to play. I don't drive in cars that don't cost anything and I don't play MMOs that "don't cost anything".
I thought Free Realms was pretty fun for a while, and arguably the block-matching mini-games required as much skill as raiding. :) I'll probably give this a game a try when it comes out too.

No-one's offering cars that don't cost anything, though, are they?

If a manufacturer as globally known and respected for making vehicles as Sony is for its products was offerign free cars, I'd take several!
Mmh. I don't see a great trakc record of Sony for making stunning MMOs. But even if that were the case: I won't start to play a 'free' game that suddenly starts to cost something.

And it will suddenly start to cost something. Those 'free' MMOs always do. It the same old trick, agqain and again and agan. If they want money from me, they should say so clearly. If the product is really good I might even donate some money.
@Nils - I watch lots of TV for free that multibillion dollar corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars to produce.

Nor do i think I would enjoy this blog more if Tobold started charging for it.

In fact, advertising/product placement supported games might get around the problem that uncapitalists have that perhaps someone who spent more money might have something better. NVM, many of the people most offended by RMT also are not big fans of multinationals. Still, your F2P could allow you to get a brown sparkley pony by grinding for 100 hours, a green one for RMT or a red BMW M3 pony with a code from the BMW web site.
It looks really good. I didn't try Free Realms (kid's game, meh) but I'll try this because I can justify playing a cartoon game aimed at 9 year olds on the basis it's Star Wars.

I doubt it'll be very free. I think we're about to see new dimensions in psychological manipulation: from screen to eyeball to wallet without passing through brain on the way.
The trailer looks interesting. Man, I bet EA and BioWare are pissed about this. They really don't want to compete against a new Star Wars MMO, especially one that's free.
Star Wars spin-offs are stupid, free2play MMO's are stupid, kids are stupid, people who play this game are stupid. The original Star Wars Trilogy is rolling in it's grave.
Since I was forced to switch to Ubuntu Linux thanks to a complete Vista failure on my system, I'm more interested in finding MMOs I can play on it.
Pangoria, I found myself on a similar situation recently. Here's a list of the free MMOs I got to run that I can recall off the top of my head:

- Megaten (using crossover)
- Perfect World
- Jade Dynasty
- Grand Fantasia
- Priston Tale 2
- Ether Saga
- Battle of the Immortals
- Bright Shadow
Thanks for the list! I've been getting annoyed only finding info from 10 years ago.
Nor do i think I would enjoy this blog more if Tobold started charging for it.

Nor would I. But if he does I can just stop reading. That's easier than to stop playing the char I invested some 500 hours in ..
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