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Friday, June 04, 2010
Why I don't post about my private life

If I posted something like this, even if it is probably meant as a joke, my wife would kill me. And get away with justifiable homicide. Too much information, Gordon!
But Tobold, why wouldn't you want your audience deciding a major change in your life?! It would bring you more hits!!! =p

Nice post by Gordon. I thought it was really funny.
You don't post about your life but you post about other's lives. Not much better.
I really think you should have a baby, Tobold! I'd like to read Junior Tobold's MMO blog.

Will probably be about full scale, full loot, really nasty PvP :)
Who said he hasn't one?

I think Gevlon could be his kid.

Or that guy that keeps talking about that crappy Darkfall.
You forgot the obvious reason -- no one cares. Keep up the game-related posts. :)
People often enjoy reading personal posts as long as the personal part is used as context to say things that are otherwise interesting. Most personal posts on the internet do not fit this mould and are completely uninteresting to a random reader but it is entirely possible (I think my blog achieves it, but I am surely biased) to have personal information and still make it appealing to the masses.

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to post about their personal decisions and life choices in a really revealing manner. Some people can hack it, others can't.

My personal story is that my wife has certain limits about what she wants to appear on my blog and I try to respect those. Question is, does this personal anecdote actually add anything to my post?
Hehe :) There are advantages to having a wife who doesn't read your blog! ;)
Meh, we won't share your personal information with anyone else. Everyone will be on the QT

Besides we are like family anyway:) I'm that aunt that stops in from time to time to give her two cents on how you should make more money, buy a bigger house and get a new car.

You can tell me anything:P
i'm surprised you have time for a wife!
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