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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Blizzard releases World of Warcraft expansion on August 31

In detail, the expansion is Wrath of the Lich King, which is finally going to be released in China, after 2 years of delays and troubles with the authorities.

Assuming that the Chinese players are at least as eager for a new expansion as we are, the double whammy of a spike in subscription numbers in China from WotLK and in America / Europe from Cataclysm (still tentatively scheduled for end of this year) is likely to produce new records in overall player numbers. Even if that is adding two very different things together, as World of Warcraft in China is paid for by the hour, is much cheaper, and Blizzard has to share the proceeds with NetEase, the Chinese distributor.
From what i've read of the Chinese players, any that are raiding seriously have rerolled on the Taiwanese servers, which get updated at the same time EU and US servers do, allowing them to have equal raid progression.
Tobold you tease :)
That kind of headline has been used by half the media :)
reroll on a chinese server ftw!
You utter bastard Tobold!

I need to go and sit down after my heart attack now.
I reiterate my previous comment from another thread. Clearly you have aspirations to become a tabloid journalist. Good luck with that.
Tabloid journalism uses sensationalist headlines to get people to buy a newspaper before realizing that the real story printed in small is a lot less interesting than the headline.

I use hyperbole in headlines from time to time as a style element, for comic effect. I'd recommend you having a look at The Onion for examples on how that is a frequently used style element.

If you think that this is a newspaper, and take all my headlines literally, and as your main source of information, you are an idiot. And a humorless one to boot, it seems.
Tobold Bashes Commentators Humorlessly.
Yep, comments of "you shouldn't write this" are a pet peeve of mine, and I tend to react badly to them. I used to delete such troll comments, but apparently the majority opinion is that it is better that I bash them instead.
Especially when tabloids are SOLD for MONEY.

And Tobold does this for FREE. And SPENDS his own time doing so.

No not the same at all.
Dammit I fell for this again!
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