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Thursday, September 02, 2010
Champions Online for $6

Direct2Drive is celebrating its 6th anniversary with 4 weeks of sales. Every week different games are on offer for $6 each. Now the general idea of such a sale is that you don't know what games will be cheap next week. But Atari / Cryptic sent me a press release celebrating *their* (1st) anniversary, in which they told me not only of the free trial this week, but also of the opportunity to buy Champions Online from Direct2Drive for $6 in the week of September 15th to September 21st.

I'm not sure if Direct2Drive is totally happy about that press release, as they are still trying today to sell you Champions Online for $20. The game is even more expensive on Steam. So if you are at all tempted to try out Champions Online, do the free trial now, and if you like it, wait until the 15th to buy the game for just $6.
Hey, even if you're mildly interested in the game, buying it now for $6 will save you $14 or more down the line when you end up hearing about some new amazing adventure pack they put in.
If you are remotely interested in Champions, its worth 6 bucks. It has its share of issues, but there is easily 6 bucks worth of fun in there, even if you never resub past the first month.
Champions online is also -this week- promoting a free trial of the game.

It is most definitely a game worth trying out, and paying 6$ is very cheap for such quality.
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