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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Newbie at 80

We have discussed several times that in World of Warcraft there is a big difference between the level 1 to 80 leveling game, and the level 80 end game, with the end game requiring considerably more knowledge of the game to succeed. Thus writing a guide for players who are level 80 but in essence still "newbies" to the end game makes perfect sense. Nevertheless I was a bit surprised that of all people it was Gevlon who had the great idea to write a end game newbie guide, explaining basic concepts like enchants or spell rotations. Well done, Gevlon!
Who would have guessed that the so much anti-social who plays a MMORPG would write a guide to help newbies. I was too surprised. Clearly the long exposure to the social environment of a on line game has made some "damage" (maybe healed) the goblin's mind.
He's so friendly and helpful.
Am I the only one getting something wet in my eyes as I see Tobold giving Gevlon some well deserved appreciation? Don't come and tell me the blogosphere isn't a big happy family!
I'm sure he's grateful for the opportunity of posting about Blood Elf porn.
It's absurd that playing WoW involves so much time out of game researching and watching youtube videos. And it's frustrating that most people don't do this and waste my time.

I don't hold anything against them -- they’re clearly the sane ones. I just wish I didn’t have to choose between sanity and competence.
It makes sense, as it avoids repeating those instructions, and raises the competence of the "guildies" in the Pug, thus benefiting the raids. It's still 100% goblinish, and a very good job! :D
Just my opinion but a game that needs a newbie guide for endgame after you have played though several months and 80 levels is like a door that requires a sticker on it to explain how to work the door. (Push)
"Just my opinion but a game that needs a newbie guide for endgame after you have played though several months and 80 levels is like a door that requires a sticker on it to explain how to work the door. (Push)"

I disagree. You can play WoW perfectly fine for yourself without reading any guides outside the game. But if you want to play WoW together with others you really want to inform yourself about certain aspects of the game such as enchants / gems / rotations. If you can get this information ingame from some friendly soul, more power to you.

It's the same in outside activity: everyone can kick a ball at a wall to enjoy themselves. But if you want to play footie in a team you better listen to your coach.
I do think that instead of discussing the post's content we should all praise the bond between Gevlon and Tobold. Its almost like a father-son relationship, with the rebel goblin being the teenager.

It's really only the "raiding" end-game that requires special training.

Heroics, achievements, crafting, merching, and pvp are also valid "end-game" activities for some people but we are exposed to them during the levelling process.
Tobold, stop promoting your other site here. I'm here for your MMO ideas, not your gold/social policies. (For those of you who don't get it.... ;) .... okay)
The only reason i did it is because i do believe there's a difference between newbie and M&S and the first ones are often mixed with the second.

For now on you all have a link to give to everyone who ask for advice.
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Oh dear. So the day has finally come. There's a false Larísa out there. With two s in the name. But the imposer has even bothered to make my stupid special í.

I don't know what to say. Should I be flattered?
I laughed at the pay someone 500g for some advice, surely a guild member will be more than happy to help for free?
@The Real Larísa: the fake one, when clicking on their name, links to Gevlon's account. I am MOST confused :S
It links to FAKE Gevlon's blogger profile, Drilski. Basically the is always the same guy using different fake identities.
Gev said: "For now on you all have a link to give to everyone who ask for advice."

Dang, is a good thing we gots the little green dude, fer nobody, I means nobody, ever done wrote up a guide fer inexperienced players on how's ta get learnified fer endgame.
Fior better or worse, 80 is a different game. Things like this are needed. Especially if you level with questing or a friend. What exactly is the proper DK disease rotation when are leveling with a pocket off-healer and mobs die in 5 sec? Why should a rogue spend combo points on SnD instead of Evis for mobs who are die in 8 sec? You get new spells at 80 you need to remember to use (sacred shield) and learn not to use (AotD. )

However, nobody pointed out this contains what is currently a bad suggestion. If you can find out enough to where 500g is not a problem for 30 minutes, you can probably find one of the sites that helps with your class. If 500g is non-trivial for you, then spending it when many of the spells and all of the rotations will be gone in perhaps 2 weeks seems quite foolish! ( A month before MMOC's Nov 2 date is Oct 5. ) Even after 4.0.1, there will be a considerable time when even the EJ/Ensidia experts will be trying to determine what Bliz said, what it actually does, what it is supposed to do, what it is intended to eventually do and how the latest hot patches and bug fixes restarted the cycle. The suggestion is good advice for someone who reaches 85 but no longer for someone reaching 80.
Give a link? GIVE? If you don't charge for the link you're just going to end up handing it out to lazy people who will waste it. What a socialist.

I wonder if this has anything to do with an upcoming blog carnival for newbies. Perhaps just more desperate attempts at reinforcement by getting more viewers?
I commend Gevlon for writing the guide as it's a great first attempt at helping noobs become competent players. However that's where my praise ends as it's not all that in depth, just gets the idea in your head to go make yourself better and gives you the key words you need to search for in google. Links to more detailed sites would have made the post a lot more useful. Wowiki isn't exactly that great of a site either for boss strats, a link to tankspot would have been better.

Just like leveling and 80 play are different so too is making gold in these situations.

I run a blogging carnival every month that has proven to be effective at showing both new and old players alike strats for making gold. Any blogger is more than welcome to attend, you simple send me a link to a gold making post you've done and I write a short description for it to be featured in the carnival.

Most recent ones:

Turn 1k gold into 2k

Gold Making Tutorials
ktcmmo, Gevlon's "The PUG" guild has explicit rules against expecting free advice from guild members. It's part of his overall social experiment of making the guild focus on competence, rather than socializing.

Why 500g? Well, it's enough to get someone's attention in trade chat, where 10g or even 100g would not...
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