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Wednesday, September 01, 2010
What are you playing?

I am currently playing mostly A Tale in the Desert, and occasionally a bit of World of Warcraft. I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIV next, and then Cataclysm. How about you? What are you currently playing, and what are your plans for the months to come?
At the moment just EVE. I will probably look at Guild Wars 2 when it comes out, but my game time is really at a premium at the moment
A bit of WoW and a bit of LOTRO at the moment (the half price lifetime sub is looking like a good buy now). I'm hoping to play the FF14 open beta, if only to see how my PC handles it.

I did play AtitD for a few days, and still like it. But I don't have the hours to put into trying to keep up with technology now and was tired of the long runs to and from expedition and chariot points. My house was neat though so I didn't want to just rebuild it somewhere more convenient.
I'm taking a break from MMOs but will certainly play Cataclysm when it comes out.

Other than that, I'm playing Starcraft 2 and the XBLA version of Magic: the Gathering released for PC.
Currently EQ2E, having put RoM on the backburner. Maybe FFXIV in a few weeks, dependent on the beta (how well it runs, and if I like the races and mechanics). Long term, Cataclysm. For non-MMOs, pretty much whatever is on special in Steam or other online distributors (or anything for my ipod touch) that catches my eye.
Just Eve and single-player games at the moment, although I've tried Fallen Earth, Darkfall and Guild Wars. I'm currently on the fence on whether to try GW2, FFXIV and Cataclysm because I'm not really looking for just a pastime. All of them are pretty, but information has been scarce about actual game mechanics and game balance.
World of Warcraft mostly with Starcraft II whenever I have time and the inclination. I would really like to be able to devote more time to the latter but it would have to come at the expense of time I devote to WoW and I'm having too much fun at the moment to do that most nights.

I am hoping to try out the pre-release demo for FFXIV (read: open beta) as I've been a life long fan of the franchise. Also, Civilization V looms on the horizon as well as a large Steam library of unfinished/unplayed games of all shapes and sizes (want to finish PvZ, Defense Grid, and Bioshock and start Mass Effect 1 at some point).
Diablo II has the most hours logged for me every week since I let WoW lapse.

I have a lifetime sub on LotRO I use every now and then, when I'm at home, and Runes of Magic as well.

But traveling, I'm reduced to a laptop and don't want to pay a monthly fee for such a reduced quality presentation. Luckily Ikariam and Elements are still available! if you've never heard of it. Plenty of fun for CCG fans and 100% free.

I've tried some other browser-based RTS games, but they're mostly war focused and don't have the political depth of Ikariam.

I really wanted to try Clone Wars Adventures, but despite it being a browser game, it required a .EXE download. So... what's the point of being a browser game if you're immediately cutting access to all the mac/linux players? Might as well be a desktop accessible icon at that point.

I've also been logging some RL hours. Doing my literacy dailies and grinding my jogging skill up.
Right now I've restarted the old UFO-Aftershock. As for MMOs I'm kind of in between games. I've got lifetime subs for CO and LOTRO but am not playing that much.
I play no MMO right now. But I pay a sub for EVE to support CCP.

I will buy every AAA MMORPG / addon that comes out during the next year, except for any games by FunCom: Fool me once and you are on my black list.

I casually play Neverwinter Nights II in single player mode currently and it is fun. But I miss the persistent-character feeling of MMOs. Perhaps I will try some Persistent NWN2 World during the next few weeks.

I also pre-ordered a few games on UK Amazon yesterday:
- Fallout: New Vegas
- Two Worlds II
- Star Wars: The Old Republic
- Diablo III
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
- Sid Meier's Civilization V
- Final Fantasy XIV
- Dragon Age 2
- The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
- Cataclysm

Let's see of any of these are good. |:
Atlantica has been pretty much my only game for some months now, but just this week I installed EQ2X and have been playing that a bit. I haven't touched EQ2 since I spent a month or two there several years ago, it's nice to check it out again.

Will I stay long term? I don't know. But it's fun for the moment.
Twiddle my thumbs, read books, play Warcraft 3 lots. Then play Cata. Once that bores me, I'll possibly (probably?) be switching to TOR as my main MMO, assuming it all works well.

Although I still can't shake the feeling that, since I hated Dragon Age, I might hate TOR. But we'll see. If not the much-touted GW2 might entertain me, but I'm fairly sceptical about it.
I'm playing WoW - we're up to the last phase of the LK fight so hopefully we'll get him down soon, but progress is slow when you raid 3-6 hours a week and don't extend lockouts. I'm also leveling some alts trying to remember the world before the Cataclysm comes.

League of Legends is the game I spend most time on currently, and I'm also stuck on the last level of Psychonauts, trying to finish it.

Recently I finished King's Bounty: Armored Princess and it has given me much more fun that Starcraft 2.
Recently I finished King's Bounty: Armored Princess and it has given me much more fun that Starcraft 2.

This is perhaps interesting. I also bought SC2, and spend a few hours playing it. I'm a very, very casual RTS player and used the appropiate difficulty, which turned out unacceptably trivial. I would just build my forces up, they select them all, send them to the enemy with a click and watch the havoc ..
I adjusted the difficulty.

I'm now in that mission where a supernova unexspectedly goes up exactly the moment you arrive at the planet.
Of course that part of the story alone would be enough to stop playing, considering the likelyhood of it happening: No, not credible! A very cheap story telling trick that isn't even commented much by the protagonists.

Sigh, I'm used to that, so I tried to find pleasure in playing the core game. But it doesn't work.

SC2 is very polished. Not to say extremely polished. The gameplay is all highest quality. And I cannot get myself to play the mission .. although I'm curious enough to like to get to know the (cheap) story.

If it remains like that I will watch the story at youtube and sell the SC2 box on Ebay. Strange.
Champions Online, Plants vs. Zombies, and sometimes my back catalog of games like RPGs from SNES and PS1 days, Zelda, and Megaman.
Star Trek Online and a bit of Mafia II.
Been playing in the Cataclysm Beta for the past few weeks. This is is my first attempt at experiencing "early content" and I wanted to see how it would affect my retail playtime/style after seeing most of the new zones/quests in the beta.

Right now I'm loving my new Worgen Mage, and my Xferred pally just hit 83. Looking forward to the new beta content as it is released =)
Just bought the trilogy, currently finishing the second chapter on Hard... The game is amazing and Kratos should be the one talked about in barrens chat, not that other pussy...
Is EQ2E worth exploring for the uninitiated?
I have a lot of flexibility since I currently have no active subscriptions going. So I play whatever I'm in the mood for that day amongst various F2P options. The great thing is if I want switch gears and go hardcore on a particular title for a while I can without worrying about wasting sub time on other titles.

Usually I level up my alts in Wizard 101, work on my main in Atlantica Online or even dabble with new offerings like the EQ2EX. Currently awaiting the US release of World of Tanks where I plan on playing the holy heck out of it.
Let WoW subscription lapse again. Been noobing it up in Warhammer Online the past few months. Picked up Starcraft 2 and GTA IV and putting about an hour a day into each of those.

Will probably check out LotRO free to play and am impatiently waiting for Cata. :)
Dwarf Fortress. I just started playing a couple weeks ago, and for anyone wanting to try it the Lazy Newb Pack makes getting into the game a bit easier. It comes prebuilt with one of the graphical tile sets and some very useful utilities.
I was playing the World of Tanks closed beta, but stopped because it hadn't been updated in far too long. When they push out the big updatein a few days I'll go back and play it some more.

I'm also playing Red Faction: Guerrilla for the second time and The Last Remnant.
I hope to see you in FFXIV.

That is, if I can figure out how the Philippines is supposed to play the game when our country isn't listed as a selectable region for making SE accounts.
@Nils - I finished Starcraft 2, but I found myself doing it just for the sake of completion, at no moment during it I thought "Oh I can't wait until I can play again!", while I constantly thought that while playing King's Bounty: AP. I tried playing multi but it's feels too much about dexterity and too little about strategy for my taste.

In my opinion Starcraft 2 is like a 200 million $ Hollywood movie - fun and nice looking, but nothing to think about once you've seen it, I've been recently having much more fun with games bought on Steam sale for a fraction of the cost of a new AAA game.

Of all the things to stress about, the "flame-wall" level is it?

Because you know, other RTS (heck, all games almost?) don't have ridiculous techno-babble and storylines right?

They do one mission that is completely different than the rest and thats bad? :(

Did you say "F*CK That" to WC3 because there was magic, and thats utterly unrealistic?


I'm currently having very little time to game, with college starting back up, my job(s), and a baby en route!

But...I am working on finishing the SC2 campaign while not rocking custom games. Also playing DoW2's online "hero-defense" sporadically. And Modern Warfare 2 when I get a chance.
Of all the things to stress about, the "flame-wall" level is it?

Because you know, other RTS (heck, all games almost?) don't have ridiculous techno-babble and storylines right?

They do one mission that is completely different than the rest and thats bad? :(

It is not just that mission. I also feel not like wanting to play the mission after it or even the ones before. And I am baffled myself. I liked Starcraft 1, Warcraft 1-3 and Dune 2 and stuff :)

Did you say "F*CK That" to WC3 because there was magic, and thats utterly unrealistic?

You still don't get the difference between unrealistic and uncredible, do you?

If the Starcraft 2 Trailer had inroduced me into a world where Supernovas explode every few weeks, the story would have been credible, just like magic is credible in fantasy MMOs.

In the milky way there are about 25 super nova per 1000 years. That is for about 10^11 stars. Have fun calculating the probability that some star you visit for 1 day goes up.
(Very rough guess:
10^-16 = 0.0000000000000001/day)

Checked out Perfect World. Pretty game. The Chinese look and feel is very interesting. Combat is a bit sluggish though.

Will be playing FFXIV when it opens.
Playing Team Fortress 2. Anxiously awaiting Portal 2.
I've gone back to my first love: turn-based strategy games. This was fueled by my interest in the Elemental development & release; although I am still waiting for improvements before buying this game.

Lately I have been playing a lot of the oldies: HOMM 3 & 5, Patrician 3, and even started a game of MOM last night. It is amazing how this game is still interesting given that it is 15+ years old.

There is a real interesting thread in the Elemental forums about how Elemental would be so much better if it were MOM 2.

PS: Mark Asher -- are you the Mark from the olden days that used to write game reviews? I remember you fondly if you were. Which also reminds me of the old Gone Gold blog (I don't think they were called blogs back then) written by the policeman.
I'm back at WOW for over a month now and have a blast, there is so much content now, so much to do, and even more with Cataclysm coming...
I left for LotRO 2 month after BC launched, because i didn't like the direction in which the game went.

Recently i dropped LotRo (not directly due to LTA) because i don't like the road they take with this ingame-shop/f2p thing.

Played some M:tG. Stopped the whole dull FB clickfests. Played the Witcher and Desktop Dungeons, a small fine rogue-like.
I've been completely sucked into Minecraft ( which has great potential for a one man show.

Digging holes and building stuff has never been so engaging.
Well, I got a new comp about a month ago. I've been mostly just enjoying smooth gameplay and better graphics on games I already own. Which means I've been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2. I got into TES IV: Oblivion again. I'm at level 20 something with my character now but my interest in the game is starting to vane.

I just bought Worms: Reloaded. Been playing the campaign and the multiplayer with a friend of mine. It's a fun game even though I'm not very good at it :D.

I was playing WoW until my laptop went boom. I cancelled my sub after that and haven't bothered renewing since. I might get back in to it sometime soon though. LotRO is a possible choice too (would love to see the pretty graphics).

I'm also planning on buying Battlefield: Bad Company 2. A few of my irl friends just got new comps so they too can finally run the game. Will be fun playing that with them :)

Also, I think there's been a lot of interesting posts lately ! Keep up the good work :)
Some WoW with newbie RL friends, and some Starcraft 2.
Currently playing a LOT of EQ2X. A lot more than I expected to, given I've been playing EQ2 pretty much continually for six years...

Other than that, I'm playing Zentia (best true F2P game I've played, I think), EQ2Live, EQ1, Vanguard, DDO, SWG, Guild Wars, Aika, Crowns of Power, NeoSteam and Mabinogi.

Some of those have been neglected a tad in the last couple of weeks while I've been on an EQ2 bender, but I am actively levelling characters in all of them, albeit slowly. A few other MMOs on my desktop but couldn't say I am actively playing those.

I've also played a good bit of FFXIV beta and Dawntide open beta. Downloading the patch for FFXIV OB as I type.

I'll be playing LotRO as soon as the Free version launches. Quite a lot, I expect. I'm hoping to get into the DCUO beta when it starts but whether I do or not I'll certainly be playing it at launch, not least because it's confirmed to be included in my Station Access account.

Looking into next year, the MMOs I am most excited about are GW2 and Rifts. A couple of others I have my eye on, but both of those look like full-timers.
I'm mostly playing Defense of the Ancients in Warcraft 3, but sometimes get disinterested and switch to Civilization 3 (it's all I have), Dungeon Siege 2, Total Annhilation, or Diablo 2. I'm not going to even consider investing in another MMO until I see a home run. My bet is it's not going to happen until Blizzard releases their "next gen" MMO, though I suppose Bioware has a chance too.
Not a lot of time for gaming at the moment. I did buy an interesting game from steam recently though in a genre i usually avoid.

With a bit of imigination it can be considered an RPG: you lead your party through various quests or probably better worded: campaigns in which several random events will help or hinder, LOTS and LOTS of stats and other numbers (geek paradise), various ways of improving or replacing party members, meaningful resource management and tactical battles which require thought rather than twitch. Yes, when time permits, im playing Football Manager 2010.
I just resubbed to WoW two weeks ago after almost a year and a half away... wanted to see the new 5man dungeons before Cataclysm makes them irrelevant. I've managed to replace almost of my T7/Naxx10 gear within the past week and a half, just with badges and drops. I don't think I'll be getting back into raiding though as that lifestyle was a big reason I quit WoW to begin with.

Aside from WoW I still have an active Aion subscription, game is still grindy as hell but there will be new daily quests and a badge system in the next big patch (2.0) due out later this month that will help a slight amount.
Bad Company 2 and Starcraft 2. Waiting for Portal 2 and Battlefield 3. Thinking about playing the World of Tanks beta as I have a key...but I told myself I'd never play another MMO.

Here's a very simple game that has kept be busy for quite a few hours. Try it out. It is free and pretty addictive. You build bridges, and it is actually fun.

Get the 2006 version, as it contains the old and new maps. Start with the old maps, the newer ones are a lot more difficult.
I am currently playing World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, and Wizard 101.

I pre-ordered two copies of LEGO Universe (I will play with my 7 year old) and will also try World of Tanks when it goes live.
Playing WoW, paying for EVE Offline

@Paul: any turn-based strategy game suggestions? I started out on Avalon Hill games (RIP Charles Roberts 1930-2010). I loved Empire DeLuxe for PC. I am not looking for anther job to go with my MMOs, but something singleplayer in a few hours.
@Hagu -- Check out this link:

It is a great resource for what is available. The 1st section is Strategy games.

There are so many that I don't know where to start as a recommendation. Most have demos so try out the ones that look interesting to you.
WoW and Angry Birds. I left my little guild and am just doing silly achievements like exploration, collecting mounts/pets/cooking recipes, etc. Goal is 5000 Achievement points.

Goals are good.

And I'm actually quite fond of playing the AH on my iphone. I had never really done that much other than sell what I had, but following a particular market is really fun. And I just got to 20K!

I tried ATiD, said hello to you. But it just seemed like such a grind with not that much interesting going on. Probably played for 4 hours or so over a few days. I did love the plants, but I felt like I had to hurry to finish stuff and that stressed me out.

Ordered Starcraft II and installed it, did the tutorial, haven't actually played yet(!).

Now you've got me wanting to go back to my Xbox and try Mafia Wars.

Too little time for a worker bee with a veggie garden and beautiful weather outside...
Completed SC2 singleplayer

Playing Anno and World of Warcraft when I get time.

waiting for Diablo3, GuildWars 2 and to a lesser extent Cataclysm.
Mainly SC2 at the moment. With just a little touch of wow and eve (mainly to say hi to whoever is on).
I love it when you ask us this question, Tobold; fun to share, and fun to read what others are playing.

Like Mandrill, I'm playing Minecraft Alpha. It captures the spirit of LEGO wonderfully.

I've also just started my third game of Solium Infernum, this time a full six-player field.

I was planning on restarting Morrowind with some of the great mods out there now, but Minecraft won out. I will re-install Battlefield 1942 for the Desert Combat mod so I can fly helicopters.

Occasionally I push on in Torchlight, though burnout comes easily with this type of game.
ffxi I just can't give that up, too much to do and I want to get sam to 99. levelling subs to 49 atm. Played ff14 closed beta a little and will do the open a little too but wont play it properly till xmas or after. It worth not playing straight away anyway as there's bound to be lots of bugs.
I have given up on MMOs and switched to Starcraft 2. Whenever I think of playing any MMO, I have visions of repetitive activities and little bars to increase.

I am also thinking of getting the Dragon Age: Origins sequel, since it was just released for the Mac. I think that
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