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Tuesday, October 05, 2010
Cataclysm official release date

While the release date was an open secret for several days, due to blue posts about the next arena season, now it is official: Cataclysm will be released on December 7th. Interestingly the press release suggests that the downloadable version from the Blizzard store will be available on the same date, although it doesn't explicitely say that.

By the way, anybody else here who thinks that a collector's edition for fully TWICE the price of the expansion is a bit overpriced?

[P.S. We all guessed wrong!]
In my family, the CE price works out at a third more since we'll buy two clients anyway (yes, that's deluded mathâ„¢ at work ;)).

Of course, it's still a bit expensive but hey! we get a cute pet. And we do so need a new mouse pad...
Not overpriced, it's called "what the market can sustain". Learn to Kotick better! :)
oooh, look at the way they slurped up SC2 at our inflated prices, let's see if they can be milked for the Cataclysm CE too ...
its majorly overpriced, which is why I'm not buying it. 40 bucks for a virtual pet that will not see much light of day? no, thank you
It's definitely overpriced for the content - it's the same as the previous ones, and since I don't need another mouse pad or pet I decided to skip it and get regular edition. Especially when I bought Drakensang: rivers of time collector's edition, which for 60$ had the game plus 3 CD's of additional material, its previous part which I didn't play so 2 games for the price of one, plus the rulebook for the RPG system the game is based on, and a whole lot of accesories for RPG sessions like maps, coins, a full set of dice, GM t-shirt and even a candle.
Before we bitch about the CE price, lets focus our rage on the price for the download version, wich is the same as the box without any sane reason. Will it be available at launch? Sure it will. It will even be downloadable before december 7th i suppose. Just look at how they handled StarCraft 2. Preload and play at launch day. I "preloaded" every WoW expansion since release, cause torrents of the clients were live around 2 to 3 days prior official release. Blizzard is just offering official version of what was always available.

I want to focus on the only issue here. The time of release. They pushed Lich King just to avoid the Xmas season a little more. Now they don't wich is a shame. This will ruin some Christmases i guess, wich should be avoided. I can only guess how the hardcore guilds right now schedule their holidays around the game. This is just wrong.
@ Vims"oooh, look at the way they slurped up SC2 at our inflated prices, let's see if they can be milked for the Cataclysm CE too ..."

You got a *lot* more with the Starcraft CE than Catas.
IMO What you got with Starcraft 2 more than made up for that price (for example the usb stick with starcraft 1 on it)
I thought it was obvious that they would have the digital download available on the same day. I mean, it costs the same as the box so why wouldn't it? I think they didn't have it from the first day in BC but changed it with Wrath. If I can remember correctly, I downloaded and played Wrath on release day.

As for the CE, it might seem overpriced to those who aren't willing to spend so much money (I wouldn't) but it certainly is fairly priced for all the rest. Personally I don't think the extra stuff is worth it. In fact I don't even buy the boxed game anymore, preferring the digital download, even though they're the same price. Less crap to clutter my home.

Oh, speaking of clutter, just imagine those poor folks who bought Halo Reach CE (the huge cube box).
I looked at the "guess the release date" post you linked, and in it you mention that if Cata doesn't release until the end of 2010 the game will have gone an entire year without a major content patch.

Is that what happened? I dropped out of WoW 2 months after Wrath released and didn't pick it back up until this summer, so I'm out of the loop on patch history.

Did Blizzard seriously charge everyone a year's worth of subs with no content additions at all?!
Did Blizzard seriously charge everyone a year's worth of subs with no content additions at all?!

No, they had 3 major content patches in the 2 years between WotLK release and Cataclysm release. Each bigger than the "expansions" that Darkfall released. But as they were just called patches, we tend to count them as such. Guess Blizzard could learn something from Aventurine about marketing.
Overpriced? Nope.

It's a version that's meant for people who have too much money to spend. They could just as well ask $200 and I wouldn't care.

And I was close with my November 2010 prediction.
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