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Sunday, November 07, 2010
Civ5 map of Azeroth

A reader wrote me to let you all know that a Civilization V map of Azeroth is available at Civ Fanatics. As in spite of the name and the origin of the series, World of Warcraft does not offer the possibility to conquer territory, this Civ5 map is your chance to conquer Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. It's just the map, though, so you'll still play with English, Roman, or Chinese civilizations, not with Orcs, Human, and Blood Elves.
That is very cool. You must open the "spoiler" tags to see the real stuff. Just viewing the map is not doing it justice. Very cool how even the regions [desert/forest/grasslands] are done very well.
It certainly looks cool, but is it playable? I think that there are too many mountain ranges stopping movement everywhere.
I'm at about 200 AD in my playthrough and the mountains are creating some pretty unusual challenges, but nothing unmanageable. It really is quite fun, the unfortunate part is that if you play it 4v4, you can end up with two continents that are 3v1, which is either really easy or really hard depending on whether you get lucky or not.
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