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Thursday, December 23, 2010
Goldfarmers in jail

A reader alerted me to this piece of news from China, where a couple running a gold farm for a Chinese MMORPG has been sentenced to 6 and 3 years of prison, plus a combined fine of 3 million yuan ($450,000). Besides "running an unlicensed business", the couple was found guilty of breaking various Chinese laws on Internet publishing and digital rights, as well as copyrights of the game company. The 3 million yuan fines exceeds the 2 million yuan income the couple is said to have made with their venture over 10 months.

Now you just have to make a macro that sends a link to the Chinese version of this article to every gold spammer you meet in a game.
Clearly they didn't pay off the right people.
Yeah, I'm wondering who they upset to get arrested to begin with. Seeing a report from China like this kind of makes me laugh a little.

In the U.S. we have so many laws that no one can really get by without breaking one that they didn't know about.

In China? Good grief, can they even breath without having to pay a tax on the inhale?

On the other hand, nice to see gold farmers get a heavy hand, but maybe this is a little too heavy? I would rather see them just lose their internet connection and access to the games or something.
You realize that gold farming is legalized and taxed in China, and these guys weren't arrested for the actual farming at all, right?

They broke other laws*...if they had of ran their operatrion by the book they could have farmed and spammed to their content.

So in other words, any self-respecting gold farmer who gets this would probably laugh at the misfortunes of a foolish competitor/colleague.

*From the article, the primary reason for the verdict was that they created an illegal mod for the game, one that they ran so much and was so invasive that it actually made the developer unable to keep the game operating properly.

I believe the tax rates are significantly lower in China than in your country.

The Chinese suffer many types of burdens already – no point adding ones they don't have to the pile. :)

You think there are low taxes on businesses in a communist state?

There are and have been many communist states. I'm in no position to assess each one and answer your question.

As for China, I think the average corporate tax rate is also slightly lower than in the US.

In an "ideal" communist system (as I understand it, and I admit I'm not particularly well informed on the topic), there would be no corporate tax rates at all, since there would be no real corporations. Only Man and State, and nothing in between. Cute. China is far from that. China maintains the kind of central control that has been the hallmark of communist states everywhere, but in business China is about as capitalist a country as it gets.

Sorry to stir up a political debate on Christmas Day, Tobold!
Just stating that a country is communist is not an argument in ad of itself.
Wikipedia lists Chinese corporation tax at 25%, and Us corporation tax as between 15% and 39%.
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