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Monday, December 06, 2010
Need help for Cataclysm?

In a world where a book like Farmville for Dummies exists, it would be foolish to assume that everybody will be able to level up his World of Warcraft character to level 85 without some helpful hints. Knowing that, some people will try to *sell* you those helpful hints, a business I'm not in favor off. Therefore I recommend instead, which appart from an affiliate link to a gold selling site is giving out its guides for free. There are leveling guides from level 1 to 85 for Alliance and Horde, plus starting guides for Goblins, Worgen, and Deathknights. As I've seen other sites wanting $30 and more for the same information, this looks like the better deal.
Now riddle me this, why do people even bother with levelling guides in WoW these days when Blizzard lay out their quests so clearly and make it so easy to follow?

Are they all idiots, or what?
Wow-pro is another alternative that's been around for quite a while. I don't know about the current content but I found it useful back when I used guides.
Wow-Pro has the best content and is free.
Five years on and what do we have... forums down, account management down, login servers down. Five years.
@almondo: It is 3 hours before an expansion. Why would you be surprised that everything is down? I'd complain if it were down TOMORROW!
With everything on rails, why even bother with a guide? These days the only guides that seem remotely worthwhile are the basic lists of the cheapest ways to level a profession.
U.S. forums are up, as well as account management. I just signed up for the mobile auction house functionality, which required use of a credit card payment. We'll see how the servers do tonight!
With Cataclysm changing zones and quests, how exactly have sites like thotbott/wowhead, etc, dealt with the changes?

Are the quest descriptions people give about the same quality as the old quest directions?

Is every other post made inquiring whether a previous poster is mad?

Just curious, since the cataclysm changes seem like they render moot a lot of "knowledge" built up about WoW through the years.
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A really good guide might be worth a few bucks if you're inclined to spend the money rather than explore on your own. Or if you want beta based info so that you can speed to realm first, etc.

The problem with the guide market is that it's impossible to know which paid guides are actually worth the money before you hand it over.

Which would be why I've never bought one. I've seen a couple that people I know bought that weren't really anything more than a rehash of stuff you can find on the web for free fairly easily -- very disappointing.

Wow-pro and wow professions are pretty reasonable and free.
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