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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Thought for the Day: Starfire Espresso

My priest in World of Warcraft is quickly becoming addicted to Starfire Espresso, which restores 96,000 mana when consuming it between combats, meaning I regain mana faster and have less problems running after the others in the group who of course couldn't wait for the healer to drink up. The only thing that puzzles me is that Starfire Espresso is made from water and cocoa beans. Note to self: Never drink coffee at Blizzard's in Real Life.
Why not the vendor-sold water ( that gives the same mana over the same time?
Because I'm level 83. The Espresso is useable from level 80 on, the vendor-sold water needs level 85.
Greasy whale milk makes me glad I am a warrior.

I shudder to think what interesting concoction they will have dropping for you next expansion.

And, as always, who is milking all these whales?
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