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Monday, January 10, 2011
A comment on archeology

My warrior made level 85 this weekend, having gained over 90% of the xp from level 80 to 85 by doing archeology. Using rest xp that wasn't all that much slower than questing, and as I have too many alts and didn't want to do all the quests several times, that was a good way for me to level.

As a way to get gear, archeology was a failure. After hitting 450 skill, I went through the 1,200 troll fragments I had gathered, roughly equivalent to 100 dig sites, and of course the epic 2H sword didn't drop. That might just be bad luck, but other people report similar bad luck with many more fragments, while some people just get lucky and find it fast. Like all low-chance random drops, luck is not reliable enough for a gearing-up strategy.

I did however make crazy money selling Tol'vir Hieroglyphic for 1,000 gold. And got a few blue fun items with various effects, including a pet and a mount. So combined with the leveling, I don't consider I wasted my time with archeology. But if you are already level 85, I'd advise against doing it just for the epics.
You get double xp for archaeology with rest? That seems weird to me. Can anyone confirm this? (I'm not saying you are wrong, it just sounds strange and I'd like to make sure it's true.)
Yes, I can confirm this is correct. $$
I believe the optimal is if you have an alchmist alt and that arch is move valuable the more alts you have.

I.e., a BoA staff is worth more to someone with three alts than someone with zero.

Also, it made more sense for my alchemist mage to level with arch. Say it takes 30 hours to level with quests and it takes 40 with arch ( VERY rough guesses, just for illustration) then if you are going to spend the 40 hours to try for vial of the sands, then if you obviate the need for the 30 hours, maxing your arch only cost you an additional 10 hours.

Another way to look at it is if you are going to level an alt anyway, the incremental time for arch gives you a chance for BoA epic that could help another toon, And the incremental arch time is much less for a level 80 you are going to level than for a 85

Arch is a failure to get gear. But the flip side is gear doesn't matter. ICC geared toons were doing well through Deep, but not in TH. Whereas some alt in 187 greens is not at a disadvantage getting to 85. Once at 85 there are some expensive epics and some cheap blues to buy; very, very few of the 80-84 gear is kept so it is pleasantly liberating to spend an entire leveling process completely indifferent to gear.
I'm level 85 and recently took up archaeology for the sole intent of getting that epic 2h sword. God it's boring. Really not sure I want to bother with it now :( Unfortunately though as someone who wants to focus on PvP yet can't find a guild that does rated BGs, I have no way of getting epic items.
Yes, the exp for harvesting (inc archeology) appears to count as "killing" the mob for the purpose of rested exp.

That aside, I find that archeology is a great thing to do to kill time while waiting on the long random dungeon queue for DPS. I'm not really doing much else with that time anyway, and it's very easy to drop it when the dungeon pops.
farmed 1700 troll fragments... got it with my third artifact. and nothing else... 1700 fragments=one item seems to be a little bit shitty.
I haven't read up much on Archeology but is the strategy to keep all your fragments until you get your skill to cap and then solve? I've been solving as soon as I get enough fragments. All I get are gray items.
200 fragment cap in the next patch.
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