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Friday, January 14, 2011
Hacker attacks Runes of Magic

Frogster, the company running Runes of Magic, announced they are under attack from a hacker, who threatens to publish login data unless his demands are met. His demands are a curious mix of demanding Frogster to stop moderating their forums, to the curious "better treatment of Frogster employees worldwide". The latter for me sounds suspiciously like an insider job. Frogster promptly called the police, and of course the amount of damage the hacker says he can do and what Frogster says he can do are very different. Time to start worrying about the safety of your online game accounts.
Popcorn time! ;)
I've not played RoM in a long time so it's not the game account i'm worried about, its the billing information he claims to have.

As a side note, frogsters forums are very restricted in what you can say without being censored.
I don't think this is the first time Frogsters security has been compromised. I created a ROM account a few years back with a unique email address that I never used for anything else. I get quite a bit of spam on that email address (mainly WoW spam oddly enough)
The demands with mentioning censorship and freedom of speech in regard to a game forum owned by a private company sound like a confused kid with some pretty fancy technical skills.
Not a good combination and I hope the police can initiate proper educational measures soon.

Hopefully for the criminal and the victims the damage will be not too big.
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