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Saturday, March 26, 2011
Moving a stack of items in The Sims Medieval

Pro tip for The Sims Medieval: If you want to move a whole stack of items, for example from your inventory to the larder or to stock the crafting workbench, you need to click on the lower right corner of the stack and drag the items that way. If you click in the middle of the icon, you move them one by one.
I love you for this tip.
Dumb question, but why would you need to stock the crafting stations? I've yet to hit a limit on inventory and my sims just carry what they need around.
In the next quest you might play a different character and not have access to the inventory of the hero you are playing now. By putting the food in the larder and the crafting materials in the crafting station the next hero needing the same materials has access to them.
Doh! I see! Hehehe I've been having my sims collect wildflowers mostly for food. Its a step up from gruel.

Must start using the laders. But I'm having a ball.
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