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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
The Sims Medieval

Sometimes I like to play one of The Sims games. So when I read that The Sims Medieval was released yesterday, and was somewhere between a Sims game and a RPG, I was obviously interested. The only thing that stopped me from impulse-buying it was the strange release-schedule in which Europe has to wait two days longer for the game. On the upside that gives me time to read the first reviews of The Sims Medieval before I buy it. Has anyone of you already played it? Is it any good?
Its probably to align with the traditional release date in the UK, which for some reason is 99% of the time on a friday.

And yes it is annoying as hell watching a game be released in the US on a monday and knowing you have to wait another 5 days before you get to play. -.-
Yes I've also wondered if it will be any good. Keep us informed. :)
I was really interested in this as well, but only if they have gotten rid of some of the more annoying aspects of the SIMS games.

The time inconsistencies in what is supposed to be a "realistic" game were annoying. It doesn't take 30 min for me to walk from one end of my home to the other, uninterrupted. And all SIMS must have severe bladder or urinary tract infections as it takes them about 30 minutes to urinate.

I would think that in a game that is supposed to be half RPG, some SIMS functions might take a back seat (like showering), but I'd like to know before I get involved only to get annoyed.
From what I read in previews, the personal needs of the Medieval Sims are limited to food and rest. Showering and going to the toilet are out, either because people didn't like those anyway, or because personal hygiene wasn't all that popular in the middle ages.
I am really looking forward to playing this game. I have grown bored with both WoW and Sims3, and have resorted to *gasp* Lego Rock Raiders, circa 1999. I've always been a fan of the RTS genre, and played all the Age of Empires games... but TS Medieval looks like a whole new combination that I can't wait to play. I'll be purchasing it tonight, so I will let you know how it goes!
Also on my radar, and knowing EA, this won't be a $5 Steam sale game anytime soon, so buying early is just as good as buying 3-4 months down the line.
Take the Sims, remove every single sandbox element, and you'll get Sims: Medieval.
After an hour and a half of playing, there is a bit too much hand-holding and "mandated" busywork for my tastes. The idea of the whole game seems neat, being able to build a kingdom and control its traits via choices made in-game (like Fable, or something.) I'm not too enthused with it at first glance, though I still have high hopes for later in the game, perhaps when it gets harder.
After four hours of playing, and completing a few multi-person quests, the game is more fun and challenging. I think the most challenging part of the game is the degree of multi-tasking necessary to progress. With two "heroes" active, who live in different buildings, with different daily responsibilities and relationships and needs, it gets more complicated to fit everything in. It should also be very interesting to see how the whole Romance thing works in this game, with so many other responsibilities to worry about.
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