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Friday, May 13, 2011
Blogger ate my post

I didn't post earlier today, because Blogger was down. And when it came back up, my last post (the one about player segregation) had disappeared. Now it would be possible to restore the text, as it was sent out via Buzz and RSS as well, but all the comments are irretrievably lost. :( So as to not repeat the same discussion again, and in the hope that maybe Blogger restores the lost thread later, I'm not posting the same text again.
It was a terrible day. :(
Interestingly enough, some comments from previous threads were lost too. :(
For ages I kept getting a blogger error page when trying to post a comment to that thread. Probably related.
Time to switch to Wordpress? :)

Yes, probably related. Some people might even say it was your fault.
Time to switch to Wordpress? :)

That would kill my Google pagerank and make it harder for people to find my blog.
The ghost post is back!
As kevra said, according to googlereader RSS, 245 minutes after you said you were not going to post the text again, the post shows back up. With it's old URI but without comments.

Ofc, YMMV and subject to change without notice.
I know nothing about this stuff so this is
probably dumb and obvious, but couldn't you just
reroute anyone who comes to your page here to the hypothetical new one?
I can reroute the domain, as I own it. I can't rerout, as the domain belongs to Google. I can't reroute the search engine web spiders either.
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