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Thursday, May 26, 2011
Building up worlds

Glitch is still in early beta, and thus open usually only during the weekends. Nevertheless I got far enough in the game to get a first taste of the "endgame", which in Glitch is somewhat unusual: You work together with other players to open up new zones in the world. Basically you need to find a greyed out "street" and look in one of the neighboring streets for a "project", which you access at the vendor. A project consists of several stages, in each of which you can contribute either specific items, or labor. Usually you need specific skills for that, which is why I call it the "endgame", it's something to do when you are already further advanced.

Once all phases of a project are finished, the street opens up, and the world has grown a bit. Everybody who participated gets some rewards, although only the top contributors get a really big reward and will be listed on the streets loading screen.

I find that concept really interesting. Although the new streets don't offer anything fundamentally different from the existing ones, players over time can open up whole new regions. And building up the world feels satisfying, even if it isn't exactly "player created content". Players only perform set tasks to open up developer created content. Nevertheless the idea is neat, and I could imagine some interesting applications of that in a fantasy MMORPG.
Reminds me of World of Warcraft's Ahn'Qiraj gate opening somewhat.
The AQ war effort really was something special. It really felt like I was part of something big, and it was particularly good since anyone of any level could contribute, and as I was only in my 40s/50s at the time, it still felt like I was playing with the 'big kids.'
This is identical to A Tale in the Desert in which each new Telling has unlockable content that can only be unlocked by cooperative effort of the playerbase.

I like it.
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Yes, sounds neat at first until people start QQing about the level of effort required to unlock content and that they can't play with those who already have. Remember Attunements?

That would be the case if this were phased content, but I think, based on the description Tobold gives, that once an area is unlocked by the players, anyone can access it. There wouldn't be attunement involved, it would be something that the players "build" that everyone could enjoy. I wrote an expanded reaction to this post in my blog ( but in short, I think this is a fantastic idea and would like to see it in other MMOs
I like the - "Once ... the street opens up...the top contributors ... will be listed on the streets loading screen." - part myself.

Part of building and being part of a community is being able to recognize other players and what they have done - both for the game/community, and for themselves.

i thought the AQ event in WoW was done fairly well actually, all things considered. The big downside is that it was only relevant for a few short months.
It was a year or two ago you were derisive, perhaps a bit too much, of CCP's "change the world" marketing. Now EVE is not The Answer. But I have this feeling that many players would prefer to think their actions mattered (although as you correctly pointed out, most don't matter much) I was always slightly bothered that nothing I did changed the balance of power between Horde and Alliance. Or even changed the number of wolves in Goldshire.
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