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Saturday, June 25, 2011
Star Wars Galaxies closes down

Star Wars Galaxies was announced to close down on December 15th. I'd assume that there aren't all that many players left, and a part of those leaving for SWTOR is a definitive possibility. Other than that, I can't say much about SWG, because I don't know the game. Well, I knew the *old* Star Wars Galaxies, but I never played the NGE SWG.

The one feature I am going to miss is the resource gathering system in Star Wars Galaxies. Resources in SWG have stats, they are collected by harvesters, not manually, and the locations of the resources change every week. That leads to a brilliant system where exploration for resources makes sense. Resources with better stats give crafted goods with better stats, so there is a real incentive. And the search for resources is a complete game on its own. The system is unique, and now it's shutting down. What a pity!
Yeah, it's a shame. I suspect that some long-time SWG fans, having heard the mumbling from behind the curtain, will decline to support SWTOR with their money.
SWG was in many ways UO2 in space. It had some fantastic ideas, all of which were absolutely inappropriate for a Star Wars background.
SWG died with the NGE. Before that it was a great sandbox that let you live in a Star Wars universe.

Or I could just be looking back through lightsabre glasses :)
They really need to release the code and let some code monkeys do a pre-NGE server emu or something (like P99).
What Ghiest said. SWG was a great game (at least before the NGE) and it would be a shame to let everything go to waste.
@Ghiest, Drej: not going to happen. If Lucasfilm will take a case against a guy selling replica stormtrooper armour to the UK's Supreme Court, they're certainly not going to let anyone other than the official licensee run a Star Wars MMO server. And as of December, the only official licensee is Electronic Arts.
@Ghiest, Drej, Tremay:

It's a SWG emulator.

Go nuts.
Same exact patter with the original SW:CCG from Decipher. It was closed down by Lucasfilms in favor of a new SW:TCG they farmed out to Wizards of the Coast.

This is all standard practice for Star Wars games. I'm surprised it took Lucas Arts so long to find what they felt was a suitable replacement in SW:ToR (which is going to flop as equally as much as the SW:TCG did).
Lucas made his money, so all is ok in the galaxy...
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