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Thursday, June 30, 2011
Tobold's Blog now Free2Read

A reader of mine donated via the "buy Tobold a coffee" button, and suggested I should change my business model: The Free2Read blog with an item store! Readers would be able to buy avatars with monocles, or bigger and bolder fonts in the comments section. Makes me wonder when we will see the first blogs working like that. :)
Isn't that how web comics make money? Read the comic for free, and hey we got this merchandise if you have some extra cash.
As long as I get first dibs on the gimp suit, I'm cool with this.

Have a great vacation, Tobold. I hope you'll come back fresh and happy!
I shudder in horror to think how much money certain commenters would be willing to pay to get larger and bolder text in comments...
Your reader probably visited RPS first before suggesting that.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Goes Free-To-Read!
Info : World of Warcraft is going partially Free-to-Play, with the first 20 levels being available entirely for free. Now known as World of Warcraft Starter Edition, this move effectively replaces the old 10-14 day trials utilized up until now.

Have good holidays Tobold
You can probably spin that concept as a paid moderation queue. Paying readers get their comments either posted in real time, or within a set, short period, whilst free readers have a minimum wait of five hours.

If you reserve the right to ban paying members without a refund, you can probably let them post instantly, as people are by their own nature loss adverse, and will be unlikely to risk losing access they have paid for.

Or just give the paying commenters larger fonts and an avatar for their comments.
I have no plans to go Free To Read at this time, as my existing business model has proved immeasurably profitable.
I'd suggest a spot pricing model for comments. Base comments are free, but having your comment posted in a font 6pts larger than the largest one so far costs 1$.

That way, trolls, who ARE ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY RIGHT can prove their correctness by outspending those who disagree with them.
You kid but check out, they seriously expect you to pay $30 per year simply for the ability to comment. All the actual content is free but if you want to mouth off you pay for it. Not actually very surprisingly, they have lots of paying commenters.
I could mint a fortune out of Nils alone, provided he has that much money.
OMG, I was OK with purely cosmetic avatar items for the rich kiddies, but bolding comments? Pay 2 Win more like. omgz0r!!1!
(O) I have a monocle!
That'll be $68, sir.
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