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Thursday, September 08, 2011
Diablo III beta

I must admit I am a bit confused about what I am allowed to say or not. I am in the Diablo III closed beta, and to install it I had to click through a testing agreement which stated that even the very existence of the Diablo III beta test was confidential. On the other hand the Diablo III forums clearly state that "If you have a beta license, you are free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the beta content to which you have access, as this beta test is not confidential." There is also already a lot of gaming press writing about what appears to seem this very same beta.

I think I will engage in some serious beta testing of this game, and write about it only when I have more than a first impression, taking into account the beta status of the game. If Blizzard treats me like a responsible journalist, I might as well behave like one. :)
Congatulations. Have fun it seems a very exciting game.
It is not uncommon for NDAs to remain up after the NDA itself is no longer in affect. If the forums are telling you the NDA isn't in affect any longer, I would believe you are safe.

Same thing occurred during the WAR betas as well where people still had to agree to the NDA even though it was open beta by that point.
I heard someone was trying to stream the beta and blizzard had them stop very quickly.

I guess it is one thing to share experiences,and another to let the world look over your shoulder.
OMG! This is awesome. I can't wait to hear your comments on the game. Trolling about several D3 forums is the highlight of my days right now.

I know you'll check this out yourself but its currently only the F&F beta with press folks thrown in. And there is no NDA, in fact there are dozens of live streams and youtube videos. All perfectly legit.
That's crazy talk. You should just spout off on the first thing that comes into your head after loading the game. That's the internet way!
Hope you have a blast. Looking forward to your comments! BTW, did you ever play D2? I have never played D2 so probably would benefit more from new-to-Diablo reviews. Except they may not be that many people who review games who have not played it.

While you are in the world of blogger & journalistic ethics, do you think bloggers who blog about a game from which they can earn RL$, e.g. the D3 AH, need to disclose that as much as people who get direct cash incentives?
If Blizzard are willing to treat you like a responsible journalist, then I'm willing to treat you with the enraged jealousy inspired by the fact that you're in the beta and I'm not. :-)
do you think bloggers who blog about a game from which they can earn RL$, e.g. the D3 AH, need to disclose that as much as people who get direct cash incentives?

The AH isn't enabled in the Diablo 3 beta yet. And of course there will be a wipe before release, so I won't be able to farm for real cash in advance, even if I wanted to. At most you could claim I get an advantage from knowing how to make money faster, but in a game that is based on random loot drops the advantage is minimal.
Did you get a special "blogger invite" or was it just by chance for submitting system specs in your account pages?
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