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Saturday, October 01, 2011
Dungeon Overlord

There is a certain truth to the saying that you get what you pay for. Free2Play Facebook games are quite frequently produced on a low budget compared to MMORPGs which can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Thus some people believe that any Facebook game necessarily must be worse than any comparable game on another platform or business model. That is not the case.

For example I recently started playing Dungeon Overlord on Facebook. Now like any game it has its flaws. But it is much, much better than the PC-game Dungeons, which just released the Dark Lord expansion. There is more gameplay and content for free in Dungeon Overlord than in Dungeons plus expansion pack together, which would set you back $60 on Steam.

I played this for a little while. It was interesting at first but I didn't enjoy long time mechanics that crop up fairly quickly. It did not take long before I was waiting days at a time to complete projects...maybe I was doing it wrong?
I played this for a bit as well, and it wasn't a bad game. However, bad building layout early on painted me into a corner that would have required spending money to get out of. I wasn't that invested in the game so I simply stopped playing rather than start paying.
I'm glad you like it, since it was me who sent you the invite :) I Haven't played Dungeons yet, but my girlfriend bought it yestarday after really liking Dungeons Overlord, hope it's not as bad as you make it sound.It made me nostalgic enough to buy Dungeon Keeper on .

I've been playing DO for a few days now and it's really nice that there's no need to spam your friends with help requests, but real cooperation is rewarded - like one player mines basalt, other mines ochre and then they'll trade and save time.
DO is nice but has long term problems, i.e. the game gets really tedious after you face the limits of your first dungeon :(
I've been playing Adventure World for 2 weeks. It's nice, I have to admit it. It's "cute" and "fun". But -like any other Zynga/FB game- it keeps popping that damned option to spend real cash for energy. And when you level past 20... quests become tedious, repetitive and high-demanding (energy).

What I hate of these games is the energy-money conversion. Energy usually costs a lot and that high price is based on the user avidity and desire to accomplish tasks RIGHT NOW.
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