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Monday, October 24, 2011
Most played computer game of all times

A reader asked me what in my opinion was the most played computer game of all times, measured in man-hours. He suggested that unless you treat the expansions as different games, World of Warcraft would hold that title. But I'm not so sure that this is true, because there is a strong contender: Solitaire. Due to having been included with many versions of Windows, even on office computers, countless people wasted their office time playing Solitaire. Problem is that this game doesn't show up on sites like Xfire for measurement.

Which game do you think is the most played computer game of all time?

Space Invaders must rank highly as the most played video game but if you're talking pure computers (ranging from ZX81 style boxes to the IBM/Wintel PCs) I think the olnly game that could give your Solitaire a threat is Minesweeper.
close call between solitaire and tetris. My bet is solitaire, but I think tetris is a very good 2nd.
I think solitaire has it hands down. Ridiculously large player base, it has been around for 21 years now on windows, and people can sink thousands of hours into it.
1. Solitaire
2. Minesweeper
3. Drawing boxes on the desktop
4. Sims 1+2+3+it's 30 Addons.
After this, I'm not sure, might be WoW, might be all Call of Duty games on all platforms combined... ;)
I don't think people understand how poorly thought out that question tends to be. It's never clear what the questioner wants (other than bragging rights for their choice) and always need clarification. For one, people usually say that Solitare and Minesweeper don't count.

If WoW and all its expansions count as one game, can I lump all the versions of Madden football together and toss that into consideration? Or are consoles taboo?

What about the 20 billion (estimated) versions of Tetris?
E.T. on the atari must surely the least played game of all times :)
I'd bet on The Sims series.
Minesweeper and Solitaire are almost certainly up there but even if you restrict yourself to big buget commercial releases I imagine that The Sims would give WoW a run for it's money.
I was going to say Tetris but I'm not sure how long its vogue lasted.

I'd guess it has to be Solitaire. It's always there and it never goes out of fashion. I have never played it, by the way, although I have seen it played in our house, mostly by people who otherwise don't play computer games.
My first thought was Tetris.

Although I remember reading somewhere that Solitaire is the most played game ever.
Civilizations, possibly - counting all of the editions as a single game
The game of watching the progress bar slowly fill up.
I've thought about this question from a personal standpoint before. For me it was the Civilization franchise until WoW came along. I still play Civ but no longer play WoW.
Does complaining about computer games count as a computer game?
I'd call that the metagame, Klepsacovic.
Windows Solitaire used to be in the XFire monthly round up (something they stopped a couple of years back), and it was always at the top of the "other" category and its numbers always crushed everything else. It was often assumed that EVE players were playing it while mining or traveling, as they seemed to be well represented on XFire.

I do wonder where StarCraft would rank, given the South Korean obsession with the game.
Solitaire, Minesweeper and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Words with Friends was climbing the charts.
Maybe Angry Birds can break that record soon:
What? No one suggested Pong?
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