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Sunday, December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, and my best wishes for you and your family!

If you notice the absence of a screenshot of my Star Wars: The Old Republic character in a Santa suit wielding a lightsaber, that is because SWTOR up to now does not have holiday events. And I think that is a good thing. As much as some people might like to hunt the Abominable Greench and unpack virtual presents under the tree in Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft at Christmas, it only makes the world less coherent and less believable. I really don't want the spectacle of watching Jedi search for Easter eggs in Coruscant, or participating in a virtual Oktoberfest.

I think it is better if SWTOR sticks to the Star Wars lore, and doesn't invent holiday events which happen to be similar to real world holidays on similar dates.
I so agree :) Happy Xmas! (and the reason I haven't posted screenshots is that I only just realised where the game put them)
Lifeday, good sir.

May want to look it up, cause its totally coming :P.
Maybe they'll eventually add 'Life Day' as a lore-appropriate ingame holiday. =P
No need to invent anything, they only need to borrow from the Star Wars Holiday Special.
We couldn't have a fair and balanced SWTOR festival anyway, what with all the force users spoiling the loot surprise by feeling other people's presents...

Merry Christmas!
Another vote for a SW Holiday Special themed event.
Merry Christmas Tobold, I'm fine with SWTOR having no Christmas decorations makeover!
Holiday Special/Lifeday content might work for later years. It would be silly to launch a special event so soon after the launch this year, though.
Merry Christmas!
Agree that it would be odd for SWTOR, but IMO it works for WoW, and I really like the odd little things they come up with.

And it's pretty easy to ignore (as I did the first year I played).

To each his own. Merry Christmas!
merry christmas tobold, thanks for writing a great blog that inspires so much discussion.
I don't play Star Wars, but I think if Blizzard will have their in-game special Holidays for special events.

For example, celebrating the Orcs celebrating the anniversary of breaking free from the legion's control. Or the forsaken celebrating the day they gained freewill.

And so on with many important events that are worth celebrating.
I fervently hope they don't get convinced to start doing holiday events. This isn't to say there should never be celebrations in the game, just that they need to be appropriately thematic and not thinly veiled real-world analogues.
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