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Monday, January 30, 2012
A call for donations

One of the major themes of this blog is how people react to incentives. Unfortunately the disadvantage of observing how this works in games is that you realize how much of that is going on in real life, and that tends to turn you into a cynic. Unless you already started out as one. Thus I am rather critical of most charity drives: If I see how Blizzard promises that half of the money for buying a virtual pet goes to charity, I can't help but notice that the other half goes to them, although their cost of selling them is minimal. But if 100% of the collected money actually goes to charity, and the charity drive is about games, I am willing to support it.

Iron Man Mode is collecting money for Child's Play. Iron Man Mode is a blog about playing video games until your character dies, then quitting. The authors wisely stick to harder games, many of them older, because these days there are a bunch of games out there where you would have trouble finding a way to die even if you wanted to. But the stories they tell also teach a lot about death in game design. A worthy cause and a worthy read, what could you want more?
Some times the donations serve an accounting purpose: I think, in my country, donation money is 100% deducted from business taxes. So companies make a buck by selling you stuff with added emotional value and all the money we pour as charity is declared by the company as a donation of its own and they save a lot in taxes.
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