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Saturday, January 21, 2012
SWTOR account troubles

My 30 free days of Star Wars: The Old Republic ran out, and it was surprisingly difficult to get EA Bioware to accept my money. The credit card I had used successfully with them to buy the game 30 days ago was refused, I got an e-mail saying "your Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ recurring subscription payment for your account has failed". I checked it wasn't a phishing scam on the site, and tried another credit card there, different bank. Again no luck, some "error processing payment, try again later" error. Then I tried Paypal, and got the same error message. It seems EA Bioware has problems processing payments.

Ultimately I had to go out and buy a 60-day prepaid card to keep playing. Not the very best service. Well, not as bad as for those customers who wanted to unsubscribe and found the unsubscribe option missing.
My wife and I had exactly the same emails waiting for us this morning. She managed to get hers to work, but no luck with mine. I'll have to decide if I want to brave the English weather this weekend...
Went fine for me at 19th. I used card to do it. Disabled CVV2 check as it is usual in such cases (rare merchant not fails without disabling it).
went extremely fine and easy for me...where I really have problems to pay is NCSoft..these people I think they don't want my money..
Ironically, even though I'm finding the game as fun as watching paint dry, I still have the option to unsubscribe and my payment went through fine.
I'm not worried about not being able to cancel my subscription though. In Portugal there is a service (called mbnet) that lets you create credit cards that are only good for one transaction, have a max amount, and are only good for 1 month. Sure it's annoying to have to create one every month, but it's worth it when you're too lazy to cancel or the MMO company screws up (remember the WAR debacle a while back?). Site doesn't let you unsubscribe? They want to charge more? Transaction denied!
I affectionately call them my "f**k you" credit cards. ;)
I had to call customer service to work out this issue. Only took a few hours...:)

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This is probably a backend processing issue with European credit cards.

Still this kind of snafu is unforgivable on many levels. I like the game I so far have had pretty good quality.

But these random hiccups have me concerned about Bioware's ability to consistently deliver a quality MMO experience at this level.

Blizzard partnered with a quality hosting company (as in fortune 50 company) for all their servers. With that came the novel idea of Tuesday maintenance and other Information Technology professional best practices.

I know that EA/Bioware tried to roll their own here and ... frankly it is showing. I hope they don't fumble much more of these balls since the industry now expects Wow quality of service now.
Why are you jumping through hoops to give them your hard-earned money after all the crap they've pulled? Granted, I haven't paid for TOR in the first place, but it's s*** like this that would get me to quit even if I had. :D
I didnt have any problems unsubscribing SWTOR atleast. Until they add LFG/LFR I prob wont be back in that game :( Levelling was fun enough, but without LFG/LFR I wont bother with it. Seems like quite a few ppl are back in wow again.
Be very careful with the unsubscribe in swtor:
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