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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Darkfall is going soft

I must protest against this outrageous decision by Aventurine to go carebear and completely dumb down Darkfall: They decided that in the next version of the game, new players can't be ganked by veterans during the tutorial phase an more. Darkfall with safe zones? Inconceivable!
Please no one tell Syncaine, I don't know if I could handle the poor fella's suicide.
Darkfall already had newbie protection back when I tried it almost two years ago. But instead of a completely closed-off area, it was more like the /pvp flag. Enemy players were free to wander around the newbie areas, they just couldn't attack anyone who still had newbie protection on.
"This training process is actually a nice adventure with an epic ending, before new players earn their pass and are transported to the actual world"

But... but... isn't this exactly the kind of themepark content that the elites have been decrying for years?!
i would be both delighted and greatly annoyed if Darkfall becomes the fantasy equivalent of EVE.

It sure is going that way, at least with that little step.
Mika Hirvonen,

If he says Darkfall is going carebear the Darkfall is going carebear DAMMIT and none of those "facts" and "correct representation" will prevent it!
It's all well and good to be hardcore sandbox but, at the end of the day, they still need enough people paying so they can run the servers.
Seems like an excellent change to me. I loved Darkfall but it suffered from an extremely steep learning curve which kept a lot of new players from playing past the trial. That and the grind.

Once out into the full world the game will be just as ruthless and unforgiving as before. I say kudos to AV for recognizing a weak area in their game and addressing it.
OT: Aion has gone free to play.
Ot: Did Blogger just activate a different mobile reader? Looks different atm.
@MagrothJ: Possible. At least they appear to have changed the commenting page, it looks different now.
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