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Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Which useless collector's edition did you buy?

Syp has a picture of the day a photo of him holding up a Star Trek Online Collector's Edition he bought for $6.50. Which had my fullest understanding, I bought a collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIV for 9.95 over the holidays. With some collector's editions now priced at $150 and more, getting one on the cheap is fun. You never know when you decide to try the game, and if you do you might as well get all the extra CE goodies.

So, are there any collector's editions you bought but didn't play yet? Did you at least get them cheap?
My personal "worst" (and unique) record was achieved with Ultima 9 Ascension - Dragon Edition back in 1999. Man... I was SO disappointed when I realized it was just a mass of bugs...
Stupid SC2 Collectors Edition. Had just fallen for WoW, figured their other popular game had to be great. Swept up in their marketing and preordered it. Probably very late at night.

Have played a grand total of about 4 hours. Not my thing. Should sell it, but I like to keep reminders of poor retail decisions.
Warhammer online... it could have been SO great. Still, the art books are great and I sold the figure for 40 quid on ebay.
I still have an unopened CE box of Tabula Rasa sitting on my shelf I got for $10. I did buy Warhammer online but paid full price for that and I'm still trying to forget the whole thing ever happened.
I believe i have you all topped. Hellgate: London.

/bows in shame.
I bought a collectors edition copy of Hellgate London. I don't really think i need to explain why that was a bad decision.
I own a collector's edition of Vanguard.

It came with a nice old-school cloth map, though!
Me, I prefer to pay full price cause I never learn.

STO full price,
Warhammer Full price.
My soul eroded.
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