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Sunday, February 26, 2012
WoW Ironman Challenge

Leveling a character in World of Warcraft is normally not very challenging. Unless you make up your own rules that MAKE it challenging: Like the WoW Ironman Challenge, in which you not only have to reach the level cap without dying, but have to do it using only grey or white items, no talents, no external buffs, no nothing. Of course the disadvantage of self-made rules is that they are often not very balanced, and in the case of the WoW Ironman challenge it turns out that the challenge is only possible to do for hunters. Nevertheless the idea is a nice one.

World of Warcraft supports such alternative rulesets indirectly, by having the armory in which rules compliance can be checked. It would be a lot harder to run such a challenge in another game, where you would have to trust people's word that they never died or never used forbidden boosts.
Feign death makes that such an unfair rule set.
I'm not sure I like some of the rules, even with the ironman aspect

I mean, remembering ironman from Diablo 2, you were allowed any item you found yourself, you just weren't allowed to repair it. Why not adapt that?

That seems PERFECTLY fair to me. Yes, you can get stronger gear, but you are very limited in that eventually, every piece you find will break and be useless. That will leave you in greens most likely, with occasionally getting some better pieces that last for a time.

Might also allow someone other than a hunter to live.
@Sine Nomine

I think the rules with gear were made because it is easiest to have a program check to make sure you aren't wearing anything better than grey or white quality. Though I suppose you might be able to have it check armory instead for 'no quests completed' or something like that. Then you could only wear what you find. However, the easiest time would be had by those that either played AH well or financed their characters.

Looks like a fun challenge. Might have to try this out.. with an orc mage... cause I'm that stupid.
The challenge is actually how high can you level that character class.
To date no class has reached level cap, although hunters do have the best chance, warlocks are also putting in a strong showing.

Because it is a personal challenge there is nothing to stop variations to the rules being used.
For example potions/elixirs that are not bought being used.

@Sine Nomine just questing gear usually gets replaced before it breaks. But some restrictions on gear could also work. Probably a level restriction like only gear -25 levels (e.g. a level 50 could use gear with a minimum level of 25)

@Kierbuu some players are not using the auction house either, for that extra challenge
This idea actually got me to decide to log in for the first time since before last summer. I kept my subscription active for a number of months after, thinking I hadn't quit.

As my client was updating, this was some time around 5pm, I logged in to check the exact date when my sub expires... 26 February, 21.50. D'oh!
Your best bet would be to grind holiday events and farm green mobs.

Unlike Diablo, you can mostly avoid danger through conservative play. In D2, you had to deal with what RNG threw your way...
They should have used a different name, "Iron man mode" is already defined in the context of games:

And it's A LOT more extreme than this one.

BTW I dislike the "permadeath" thing, which (as usual) just turns into perma-farm. It doesn't mean "you cannot die", just "you waste a lot of time if you die"..... it also means no testing of weird/strange solutions, because if you screw up it's go and redo the same quests for one more time....
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