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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
The Ant Experiment

Crowdfunding games is all the rage these days. And while I won't post about every Kickstarter project I am made aware of, this one actually looks interesting: In The Ant Experiment you play an ant in an MMO. Apparently only on mobile platforms, unfortunately.

The interesting part is that you don't play a hero, but a simple ant in a colony. All achievements are cooperative and collective, it is all about your colony thriving through your collaboration with other ants. Hard to say how good that will be as a game, but as a social experiment it sure beats most existing MMOs (with the possible exception of ATITD).
(snark) I can see it now...

What?!?! *That's* your worker ant spec? It sux. You know you need +5 lifting if you're going to go on the refrigerator raid.
That's amazing. Just the other day, I discussed cooperativeness in MMOs with a coworker, with the whole "together alone" thing.

It's definitely worth to have an eye on. Though "mobile devices only" sucks.
Only mobile?! That sucks. Maybe Its time to play some SimAnt again.
Nerf the Queen! Buff workers!
I'm guessing it will be available on Flash as well as mobile platforms: "The game will first be distributed online through web download and on iOS and Android. Our approach is multi-platform..."

Here's a bit I don;t like: "As you invite more and more of your friends your colony will grow."

Perhaps not all that original as a social experiment...
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